Larissa: Tension in the Municipal Council in the debate on measures for flood victims

Larissa: Tension in the Municipal Council in the debate on measures for flood victims
Larissa: Tension in the Municipal Council in the debate on measures for flood victims

Tension between councilors of the municipal authority and flood-affected citizens arose during a debate on the passing of financial relief measures for flood victims.

The debate “ignited” when the issue of beneficiaries of financial assistance for basements and premises that have been flooded but cannot be recorded in the system and therefore are not entitled to assistance was raised.

The head of the People’s Rally Mr. Tasos Tsiaples was present in the meeting room of the Municipal Council as well as associations of flood victims who raised various issues such as the non-functioning of biological cleaning in the Agios Thomas district. The vice-president of DEVAL, Mr. Dimitris Mavidis, was placed on this issue, stating that the problem will be resolved within a week at the most.

The discussion “disappeared” when Mr. Tsiaples referred to the flood victims who cannot receive any help as in the case of residents in the Labor houses of Yiannouli. At that point, Mr. Deligiannis responded with the voices now being heard from all sides and the president of the Municipal Council, Mr. Dimitris Tacho, trying to impose order. In fact, in this attempt he missed a “skate”, irritating even more the citizens who, seeing that in the end not all of them will be able to be placed, left.

For the record, the measures to support the flood victims were passed by the Municipal Council with the opposition factions stressing that a solution must also be found for the basements.

In detail, the measures passed are the exemption from reimbursing municipal fees, municipal tax and TAP for non-inhabitable properties due to the flood, based on the DAEFK serial number and the positive registration on They are also exempted from tuition fees at the Ballet school and the support of flood victims from the social services of the Municipality passed, the exemption from payment of tuition fees for flood victims to the Infant, Children, Kindergarten Centers and KDAP of the Municipality of Larissa, the decision of the Board of Directors. of DEVAL under the title “Amendment of the tariff policy (ADS DEVAL 124/6/6-5-2015) to relieve flood-affected residents within the limits of its competence, due to the bad weather Daniel” and the decision of Board of Directors of the DOL entitled “Approval of Relief Measures for the flood-affected students/women of the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa”


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