Patras: Alarm and anxiety over the disappearance of a 6th grade student – The police are “sweeping” the city to locate her – PatrisNews

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Agony for the parents and ongoing searches by the police for a 12-year-old girl who disappeared today in Patras.

As is informed, the little girl left this morning to go to her school in the Anthoupolis area. However, when at around 4pm his parents went to pick her up, they were informed that she had not appeared in his class (6th grade), which shocked both the educational community and the parents.

The disappearance was immediately reported to the Police and investigations were launched to locate the little girl in many areas of Patras starting from places near the school but also in other parts of the center but she was not found until 6.30 in the afternoon.

One parent has already come to Patras Police and is testifying, in order to give the authorities more information about the case.


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