More money for municipalities

More money for municipalities
More money for municipalities

MP Christos Kapetanos met with the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Theodoros Livanios, on the occasion of the issues that arise every day in the long-suffering Thessaly, after the passing of the devastating earthquake.

Among other things, Christos Kapetanos raised with the Minister the issue of further funding for the municipalities of the Prefecture of Larissa for the restoration of damages caused by the recent floods that hit the Prefecture.
The Minister, listening carefully to the request of the Larisa MP, assured him that the Ministry of the Interior is examining the issue in consultation with the State Aid.
At the end of their meeting, Larissa ND MP Christos Kapetanos made the following statements: “The Government of New Democracy and the cabinet were from the first moment on the side of our affected compatriots. However, the extent of the damage suffered by the municipalities of Larissa Prefecture is being revealed day by day. On the occasion of the new term that the newly elected municipal authorities will begin in two months, I met the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Theodoros Livanios and asked him to consider the issue of further financing of the municipalities of the Prefecture of Larissa, for the immediate treatment of the damages they have suffered .
The assurance of Theodoros Livanios that the Ministry of the Interior, in collaboration with the State Aid, will examine the issue, proves that we will not stop being next to the citizens of our prefecture, directly dealing with the daily problems that arise.
I also brought to the attention of the minister, the request to consider the exemption of some legal entities of historical value, from their incorporation into municipalities, in accordance with Law 5056/2023 which abolishes Municipal Legal Entities of Public Law, as the law itself stipulates in article 52, maintaining their independence”.

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