The gastronomy and wine tasting events in Paliani and Kato Asites were a success


At the Union Winery of Heraklion in Paliani (Avgeniki) and Kato Asites on November 4 and 5, 2023 respectively, the Municipality of Heraklion and the Development Organization of Heraklion “A.OTA Heraklion M.A.E.” participated as co-organizers, in two important events that are already implemented with great success by the local communities and aim to highlight and promote their developmental and cultural characteristics and the centuries-old tradition of home winemaking.

The events were held in the context of of successful institution Heraklion Flavors which highlights the taste richness and culinary heritage of Heraklion.

Union Winery of Heraklion 04 November 2023

On the afternoon of Saturday 04 November at the premises of the Union Winery of Heraklion in Paliani (Area of ​​the Community of Avgeniki) the first event was implemented that was part of the successful institution “Home Wine Tasting Competition”, which dates back to 2008 and was organized by the Winery of the Union of Heraklion and the Cultural Association of Veneratou.

The event, which was open to the general public, was attended by a large number of people from the wider region and from Heraklion and had the opportunity to watch the process of tasting and evaluating fine homemade wines by the jury (which was made up of oenologists and sommeliers) and to be informed for the good practices of home winemaking by the Oenologist of the Union of Heraklion, Mr. Harkoutsis Yiannis.

Afterwards, the traditional cook-confectioner Sevasti Krasanakis presented the method of preparation and treated the people to traditional dishes whose main ingredients were grapes and must.

The event continued with an offer by the organizers of food and wine for all attendees and with traditional Cretan music provided by Giorgos Sakalakis (lyre), Zaharis Armoutakis (lute) and Manolis Frangoulakis (guitar).

The event ended with the awarding of home wine producers who participated in the competition and distinguished themselves. Indicatively, 66 samples of homemade wines from the years 2021-2023-2023, representing 31 producers, took part in the competition.

Kato Asites 05 November 2023

On the morning of Sunday 05 November in the courtyard of the Holy Church of the Master Christ in Kato Asites, the second event took place and this one open to the general public, “the Wine Competition” which was organized for the 7th year as part of the activities of the active Cultural and Spiritual Center of Kato Parish Asito, with the contribution of the initiator Giorgos Fragiadakis and the participation of all agencies and the local community.

The tasting of local wines was accompanied by advice on proper winemaking from the winemaker and oenologist Zacharias Diamantakis. People (locals and visitors) had the opportunity to enjoy amazing homemade wines and rich local delicacies. In fact, the participants evaluated the wines they tasted and, through a secret vote, they chose the three winners of the competition (categories: White, Rosé, Red).

During the event, the traditional cook – food blogger Nektaria Kokkinaki, presented and offered to the participants, delicious traditional creations based on must and prepared together with a representative of the Women’s Cooperative “To Gorgolaini” a delicious mustalevria.

The Deputy Mayor of Development Planning – Digital Transformation – Integrated Development of the Countryside and Tourism and President of A.O.T.A HERACLEIO M.A.E. K. George Sisamakis, said in this regard: “With the “Heraklion Flavors” events in Paliani and Kato Asites, the initiative of the Municipality of Heraklion continues to promote the culinary treasure of the region and the rich cultural tradition of Crete. The Municipality of Heraklion consistently promotes the interconnection of gastronomy with tourism development and continues to highlight the advantages of the cultural and culinary history of Heraklion. We are also proud because on October 31, 2023, it was officially announced that Heraklion is one of the 7 cities from around the world that joined in 2023 the World Network of “Creative Cities” (Creative Cities) of UNESCO in the field of Gastronomy. It is a significant success and at the same time vindication of the planning implemented by the Municipality of Heraklion, in collaboration with all relevant agencies, with the aim of establishing itself as a sustainable gastronomic destination of international level.”

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