Read on larissanet: “Heart attack” in the operating rooms


Our newspaper is published this Friday with the first topic and title “”Heart attack” in the operating rooms”.

Reports, articles, interviews and all the background of the week in the new sheet of Larissanet.

Read the columns and articles:

  • Editorial: Recruitment for Thessaly… By Christos Behlivanou.
  • Molotov: Weaknesses. Of Aky Mitsoulis.
  • Timeline: You rub the oil… Her Stella Basdra.
  • Comments: All the background of the past week.
  • 140 YEARS OF FREE THESSALIA: The Sporades during the Turkish occupation. Written by Konstantinos Ath. Economou.
  • Short essays: The church is the support of the world. By Moschos Lagouvardou.
  • “Kontologis”: The current affairs of the week with his satirical look Michael Kotou.
  • Media: The problems of journalists are on the carpet.


  • THE SUBJECT: “Heart attack” in the PGNL operating rooms – The situation at the PGNL.
  • The crisis in Greek Education: Unemployment and education system. Of Giorgos Soultis.
  • Point of view: The prevalence of the other logic in self-government. Of Thomas Papaliaga.
  • The lawyers of Larissa abstain from the trials.
  • PROJECTS LEXUS AND LENSES: In the focus is Pinios.


  • Vasilis Karageorgos: The Polytechnic photographer through the “Distance of Time”.
  • Extension of the exhibition “Timeless Approaches to Love”.
  • Isidoros Zourgos (author): “Literature can redefine our perspective on everything…”.
  • Cultural proposals.
  • The marbles speak: Book of Ath. Giafalia and Dec. Karagouni.
  • Dedicated volume to Charalambos Stergioulis from FIALETH.
  • Bibliographies: The lost manuscript. Of Vaio Koutrindze.


  • New PPC blue hub with two 300kW fast chargers in Larissa.
  • New Royal Oil gas station.
  • Beneficiary applications for the heating allowance.
  • Ten suggestions for restoring normalcy to business.
  • Compensation of 200 million euros to farmers and breeders.


  • AEL: To third the good….
  • The transfer “bargain” of Super League 2.
  • A week at the stadiums.


  • The female mind in modern psychology. Her Aggelikis Noutsiou – Tolia.
  • How did ELPEN support the flood victims of Thessaly.


  • France you super star: Burgundy. Of Giorgos Kaunas.

Points of the town

  • The events of the past week.

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