Evia: Workers found human skeletons in Istiaea

Evia: Workers found human skeletons in Istiaea
Evia: Workers found human skeletons in Istiaea

Human remains they spotted workers that they perform tasks in roads her Istiaiasin Euboea. It’s about skeletons which were buried under the cement.

As eviathema.gr reports, the human remains were found during excavations in the streets of Istiaea for the implementation of infrastructure improvement projects, specifically the installation of municipal sewage networks. In fact, bones were found in two successive phasesa fact that mobilized the Authorities of Evia.

Euboea: Two skeletons next to each other

As the machine operators dug beside him Holy Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos of Istiaeathey spotted one the whole and whole skeleton who had been buried on the spot. Then another human skeleton was found in the same place, a little further from the first one.

Investigations are underway to determine how they came to be buried at this point two intact skeletons. The fact that they are intact under the cement of the city certainly dispels the possibility that they belong to a recent burial and are estimated to belong to earlier times.

It is currently unclear whether these skeletons are an archaeological find or the remains of those who died in a late historical period, such as from the time of World War II or in even later time.

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