“Support – Inform – Encourage”

“Support – Inform – Encourage”
“Support – Inform – Encourage”

The 14th nationwide event celebrating Breastfeeding & Motherhood was organized from November 1st to 7th and from end to end in Greece by the Panhellenic Network of Voluntary Groups to Support Breastfeeding and Motherhood @thilaZO, with the support of IBFAN Greece (Action Network for Infant and Child Nutrition ), holding events and meetings, as part of the celebration of Breastfeeding Week.

For the Cyclades, the organization was again this year undertaken by the KYKLADES Team: Breastfeeding and Maternity Support Volunteer Group @kykladesthilasmos on 8 islands of the prefecture, namely Amorgos, Kea, Kythnos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini and Syros.

It is worth noting that for 14 years the Group has been “present” with a sense of responsibility and support, through the events that take place on the islands of our prefecture and in an atmosphere of celebration, love, offering and help from one mother to another .
The central message of the events was “Support – Information – Encouragement” of the breastfeeding woman, because the interaction with breastfeeding women over the years, through the group, has proven that breastfeeding women lack appropriate support, information and encouragement.

“Unfortunately, through our experiences and what we share, it seems that a lot of work is still needed to make all of the above self-evident and possible. For this reason, for so many years, our team and our islands have been celebrating. They celebrate because mother-to-mother help pays off. They celebrate because by helping each other, every year more and more mothers manage to breastfeed their children and learn ways to overcome difficulties and adversities. They are celebrating because more and more women are finding the support, encouragement and information they need through authoritative and trusted sources. They celebrate because every day, more and more women freely breastfeed their babies and toddlers without a trace of shame or embarrassment. The image of the breastfeeding woman has started to become normal and natural”, is emphasized in a statement issued by the Group of Volunteers for the Support of Maternal Breastfeeding and Motherhood.

Also, it should be emphasized that during this year’s events on the islands of the Cyclades, a large number of young nursing mothers attended, who wanted to highlight the important role of breastfeeding with their presence.

“Our joy for this year is indescribable, as for yet another year there were at the events of our islands breastfeeding women who feel grateful for the existence of the Cyclades group and the Panhellenic Network of Breastfeeding & Motherhood Support Groups, as well as breastfeeding women who at first were hesitant they approached us but they came to our celebration because they understood that we have something in common, something that connects us and they felt that they are not alone. We are happy because the event was attended by pregnant women who wanted to get useful information material and become members of our group, because they “heard” that the group helps. Also, we are happy because a lot of mothers were waiting how and how to participate in this event. Finally, we are proud because thanks to the efforts made today, our children, the next generation, will know!”, points out the Cyclades Group.

Finally, it should be mentioned that throughout this trip the Cyclades Team, on the 8 islands, had commendable volunteer nursing mothers, who despite the obligations and difficulties of their daily lives, gave their best to make the events a success.

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