With helicopters… FREENOW celebrated 1 year in Greece

With helicopters… FREENOW celebrated 1 year in Greece
With helicopters… FREENOW celebrated 1 year in Greece

FREENOW, the #1 Taxi app in Greece, celebrated its 1st anniversary with an extraordinary milestone event.

To celebrate this special occasion, FREENOW has added two luxury helicopters to its fleet, offering an exclusive experience for its users. Sixteen lucky users of the FREENOW app had the opportunity to turn their daily commute into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The flight, which lasted about 45 minutes, offered passengers a remarkable perspective on the beauty and grandeur of the Greek capital.

Passengers enjoyed panoramic views of Athens, flying over iconic spots such as the Acropolis, Kallimarmaro, the Temple of Poseidon, the Athenian Riviera and many other famous sights.

FREENOW shared unique moments with its passengers. Love was in the air as a marriage proposal and birthday surprise were among the touching moments that unfolded during the flight.

“A dream come true! I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to propose to my partner. FREENOW made our special moment even more magical. Her “yes” will echo in my heart forever,” says the passenger who proposed in the helicopter.

“FREENOW, this is the best ride we’ve ever done. Surprising my wife for her birthday while we were flying over Athens will remain unforgettable,” adds the passenger who brought a birthday cake to the helipad for his partner. FREENOW is proud to have been a part of these unforgettable moments and to have been chosen by passengers to share their joy.

Embracing a wide range of passengers, from those who are lovers of Athens, creative minds, and even a couple from abroad who pledged their love on the city skyline, FREENOW helicopters proved that the app can provide every possible mode of transportation for everyone , offering every route the element of experience.

“I have always been attracted to the beauty of Athens, but nothing beats the magic of this route. FREENOW turned my daily commute into an unforgettable adventure,” said an Athens enthusiast who lived the experience.

As FREENOW expands and improves its services, the app continues to serve its users by redefining the concept of mobility, as more than just a means of transportation from one point to another.

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