Corfu: “Kapodistrias” is coming in the Spring – Corfu Today – Corfu News

Corfu: “Kapodistrias” is coming in the Spring – Corfu Today – Corfu News
Corfu: “Kapodistrias” is coming in the Spring – Corfu Today – Corfu News

Next Spring, the filming of the long-awaited film “Kapodistrias” by Yiannis Smaragdis, which deals with the life of the first governor of Greece, will begin in Corfu.

The launch was scheduled for this November, with the condition that the Region of the Ionian Islands would finance a part of the cost of travel, sleeping and feeding of the film’s “cast”.

However, “the P.I.N. he had the will, but he cited a lack of funding”. Speaking to “KS”, the internationally renowned Greek director of the film informed that “the start of filming is postponed for the coming Spring, noting that he has already discussed with the newly elected Regional Mayor Yiannis Trepeklis, who declares himself a fan of Ioannis Kapodistrias and has received the assurance that the new Regional Authority will help to make the film”.

According to Yiannis Smaragdis: “Kapodistrias is the greatest Greek politician after Pericles”. While, referring to the film, he said:Together with the people of Corfu, together with the people of Greece we will fight to highlight the Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias and what his vision was. And I want to assure you that this movie will make you proud.” In fact, he repeated that “after the shooting of the movie “Kapodistrias” I close like director».

What is the film about?

As the director, who has made it his life’s goal to make the film about the life and work of the first governor of Greece, has said: “Kapodistrias is completely unknown. Those who murdered him, who ruled afterwards, both inside and outside, managed to tell a big lie about Kapodistrias. The truth of Kapodistrias, I am sure, will be highlighted by this film”. He believes that “Kapodistrias is the greatest Greek politician after Pericles. He activated the middle higher elements that we have as Greeks and tried with great intelligence to put an order in a civil Greece. And at the same time he was a very good man. He had a tendency towards good. Think of a world the day after tomorrow where everyone has an inclination towards good. This is the Greek feeling.” And he explains that “The film will mainly deal with what was the coloring of his soul, which is not well known. That is, in essence, what did this man stand for and what legacy did he leave us. And I want to emphasize that woe to the country that does not know how to love its best. And Kapodistrias is her best. I’m making a love movie. Also, I want it to be a conciliatory and optimistic film because Art does not make revolutions, but it can help people’s souls to endure and be worthy of our destinies. For example, in wars you go and sing. The human soul needs it.”

The adventurous preparation…

The preparation of the film has been started for several years. In fact, the initial goal was for the first projection to mark the “full stop” of the events for the two hundred (200) years since the Greek revolution, symbolizing the fact that Kapodistrias was the “full stop” of the Greek revolution. However, her luck passed through “Scylles & Charybdes”.

From many adventures, postponements, difficulties and obstacles, about which the director had mentioned: “All the problems started from spiteful people who unfortunately always existed in our country. A dominant role in the attacks received by the film come from the unarmed and all-weather faction of Greek cinema, which finds hidden ways to always prevail regardless of governments.

These are people without any vision for Hellenism and above all no positive vision for Greek culture, while for years they have trapped cultural activities in corrupting foreign destructive and harmful fashions as servants of nothing!

What will the future History of Hellenism say about them? But in the face of the negativity of all this, I feel the need to note that in the difficult and rough road to making the CAPODISTRIAS film, which God willing begins in a short time, there have been many steadfast supporters from the artistic and business world (whom I do not wish to mention here, this will be done in the appropriate way at the right time), but also from the area of ​​politics whom I feel the need to name, the good must be said (because good begets good) by depositing my gratitude.

Among them is Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis…” Finally this year, on the significant day of September 27, 2023, exactly 192 years since the murder of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the director Yiannis Smaragdis signed an agreement with COB Advisors to find financing for the long-awaited film “Kapodistrias” .

On the occasion of this event, the director Yiannis Smaragdis said: “If Greece wants to have a strong presence in the future, the people of money should join forces with the people of the spirit, so that hand in hand Greece can once again take the lead in the souls of the our compatriots as well as the global community through the support of Greek businessmen but also through the promotion of Greek culture. Let’s not forget that we are the only country in the world that has been inextricably linked with the development of three civilizations: the Minoan, the ancient Greek and the Byzantine.

It is worth noting that last October they started at the Municipal Theater of Corfu, with the help of Natalia Kapodistria, Auditions for those from Corfu who wanted to participate in the filming as actors. It should be noted that the filming of the film will take place in Greece (Corfu, Aegina, Nafplio, Mani, Hydra etc.) in Austria and Switzerland. The main roles of the film will be interpreted by important Greek actors, however the director keeps his mouth tightly closed, regarding the cast.

Yiannis Smaragdis

He was born in 1946 in Heraklion, where he grew up. He studied directing in Greece and Paris. He appeared in 1972 with the short film Two Three Things… (12′), which was awarded in Greece and distinguished at the Montreal Festival in Canada. He has taught media at Panteion University and screenwriting and directing at film schools. As an author, he has published the books Geography of the Invisible (1995), Cavafy – literary form of the Cavafy script (1996) and the short story The Doe of Chalandrio Square (2006).


Movie theater

Kazantzakis (KAZANTZAKIS), 2017


ElGreco, 2007

Cavafy, (CAVAFY), 1996

The Return Song, 1983

Kelly Miden, 1975

TV – documentary

Report on Kapodistrias (documentary), 2021

Looking for Ioannis Varvakis (documentary), 2009

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The Pampered Children (TV series) 2001

The Polis Elalissen (series 32 documentaries), 1993

Mediomenkath’odon (series, documentary) 1989

AVE TASO KARATASO (TV series 13 episodes) (AVE TASO KARATASO), 1987

Hatzimannouil (TV series of 13 episodes), 1985

Good night, Mr. Alexander… (television), 1981

*published in the 9-11-2023 sheet of the KS


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