Start of operation of the Early Intervention in Psychosis (ERP) unit in Tripoli

Start of operation of the Early Intervention in Psychosis (ERP) unit in Tripoli
Start of operation of the Early Intervention in Psychosis (ERP) unit in Tripoli

Ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to inform you about the Psychosis Early Intervention Unit (IUP), which has officially started its operation.

The Psychosis Early Intervention Unit (EIP) constitutes a complete, multidimensional, extroverted and community-oriented clinical approach, with the aim of early detection and treatment of the symptoms of psychotic disorders in their initial stages.

The main concern is the minimization of long-term effects and the prevention or reduction of relapses by strengthening and improving the functionality of individuals and their inclusion in their work, education and wider social environment.

In more detail, the interventions of the MEP concern the therapeutic treatment of the symptoms and effects of the first psychotic episode, the support of the beneficiary and his environment, so that his rapid social reintegration becomes possible.

It is aimed at adolescents from 11 years and their families and adults who manifest social deficits, isolation, behavioral issues (explosive
or paradoxical behavior, conduct issues at school), low tolerance for
frustration, hetero-self-aggression, mood changes, obsessions, communication difficulties, reduced functioning (school, work, activities), change in routines – behaviors, neglect of personal hygiene-self-care.

The services provided are the following:
1. Elaboration of an individualized care plan, both for the person himself and for his caregivers.
2. Focused interventions (psychological/psychosocial support/counseling) to people who manifest the symptoms.
3. Mobilizing the family environment to participate in the therapeutic process.
4. Psychoeducation of the individual and his family.
5. Family counseling.
6. Education in social and individual skills and professional
7. Personalized interventions to promote a healthy lifestyle.
8. Direct connection and referral to more specialized structures, if deemed necessary.
9. Programs and actions to creatively utilize the free time of its customers, with the organization of suitable entertainment and cultural events in the context and in cooperation with its agencies
10. Programs of collaboration, information and mobilization of community actors, on psychotic disorders and the importance of early detection
of these.
11. Information actions to combat social stigma and prejudices related to mental disorders.
12. Participation in the creation of educational protocols and evaluation protocols regarding the provision of early intervention services in psychosis in collaboration with the rest of the Ministry of Health in the country, etc.

The Unit’s services will be provided free of charge within the community, in a friendly and collaborative outpatient environment, taking care to avoid stigmatization.

Yours sincerely,
Scientific team of the Early Intervention Unit in Psychosis

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