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“Umbrella of protection” in the Municipal Gallery-Folklore Museum and DOL – Arrages front in the Municipal Council


The government’s decision to abolish – at the end of the year – the Municipal NPDD and Public Benefit Enterprises occupied tonight’s meeting of the Larisa Municipal Council, with the body unanimously deciding to promote a relevant request to preserve their character.

The government’s decision directly affects the Municipal Gallery of Larissa – G.I. Museum. Katsigra, the Municipal Conservatory and the Folklore Historical Museum of Larissa Giorgos and Lena Gourgioti, while the meeting was attended by a number of workers and associations that support the above organizations, as well as the Larissa MP of PASOK – KINAL, Evangelia Liakoulis.

“This is an extremely serious issue that developed during the election process but also during the floods that hit our region”, emphasized the outgoing mayor of Larissa, Apostolos Kalogiannisrequesting a unanimous decision from the body, which, in the form of an opinion, will reach the competent Ministry of the Interior, with a deadline of November 15.

“It is impossible for these Legal Entities to work subordinated to understaffed departments of the municipality”, clarified Mr. Kalogiannis, noting their remunerative work, their educational role but also the imprint of the agencies on the cultural development of Larissa and adding that the development does not pertains to the Thessalian Theatre.

“This is a city-wide issue. Everyone has an obligation to defend the interests of the city and I am determined to join my voice with you”, stressed Ms. Liakoulis in her intervention, talking about an unimaginable, unprecedented and anti-self-governing government decision, while the serious issues of labor relations arising stood the deputy mayor of Culture, Panos Sapkas.

The head of “Larissa Brosta” and the new mayor of Larisa was not appointed for the matter, Athanasios Mamakoswhile on behalf of LASY, Mr. Papadoulis demand support for Legal Entities and their further support and subsidy from the state budget.

“The ministries do not interfere in primary matters. We will not see a white day if there is no decentralization”, said the head of PR.AXI, Panagiotis Goulaswhile the head of the “Renewal Momentum” also spoke out against the government’s decision, Nikos Gambroulas.

“Certainly all NPDDs are not of the same quality. The essence of the bill is to keep those who really deserve it. So let’s see which Legal Entities should continue and be supported”, she commented Rena Karalariotouconsidering that the “diamonds”, as he characterized the municipality’s NPDDs, will continue passing the exams with flying colors, while with the completion of the placements of municipal councilors, the maintenance of the NPDDs was unanimously approved.


PHOTO-VIDEO: Leonidas Tzekas // LarissaPress

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