Couple poisoned by insecticide for bedbugs in hotel room

Couple poisoned by insecticide for bedbugs in hotel room
Couple poisoned by insecticide for bedbugs in hotel room

A couple from Britain found tragic death when poisoned by insecticide bed bug gas, at the hotel where they were staying at Egypt, according to a recent hearing.

The incident happened on August 2018in hotel in Urganda, Egypt. John and Susan Cooper became unexplainedly ill while staying at the hotel and died shortly after, while the media reported deaths under mysterious circumstances.

What had happened

According to Independentduring a hearing on the case, poisoning by carbon monoxide As well as Food Poisoning as causes of death.

Instead, the expert’s report wants the couple to end up after exposure to either some “transmissible biological agent” or some “toxic chemical».

As he testified German tourist who was also staying at the hotel, had reported to the hotel management about bed bug problem in the room next to the Coopers’.

The area was then sprayed with quantities insecticideat noon, while John and Susan fell ill shortly afterwards and they passed away the next day.

THE “unpleasant smell» which was probably fatal

The two rooms were connected internally by a common door, which, however, was locked. The elderly couple had visited the hotel before and left with the best impressions, this time they had rented two rooms, along with their daughter and three grandchildren.

During the hearing, it was noted that Molly, one of the granddaughters, who was staying in her grandparents’ room, complained of a “unpleasant smell”, and so John and Susan sent her to spend the night with her mother. The next morning, the 69-year-old and 63-year-old were nowhere to be seen at the breakfast table, and when their daughter went into the room to check, he found them seriously ill.

“He was bent over and sitting on the edge of the bed saying ‘I don’t feel well at all“, said daughter, Kelly Ormerod, adding that her mother “he was scrambling» lying in bed. The arriving medics panicked as the two elderly men worsened.

Mr Cooper died shortly afterwards inside the room despite the efforts of the health workers, while his wife was hospitalized, where she breathed her last a little later.

They sealed the door with tape

The German witness, Dominique Bibi, testified that he had booked the room next to the Coopers’. “As soon as I entered, one came to me strange smell, like mold or moisture. There were a lot of bed bugs on the bed and on the floor.”

He also reported that after lunch, he saw three men outside the room in hotel uniforms and a tool and one insecticide cannula. A little later, they left the room, while they used only duct tape to seal the gaps in the door.

I wouldn’t say it was a professional job“, Mr. Bibi pointed out, informing how he and his family also felt discomfort during their stay. The hearing continues from Wednesday.

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