Presentation of the new book by Thanos Kanousis “The Peasant”

Presentation of the new book by Thanos Kanousis “The Peasant”
Presentation of the new book by Thanos Kanousis “The Peasant”

By the Kozanite writer & actor Thanos Kanousis

An accomplished Actor, he enjoys the fruits of his success. His original talent stepped on a solid foundation, that of his origin. Spyros Giannisis was born in a small village of Kozani in the sixties, an origin he never forgot. The simplicity that defined his modesty is also his magic wand. You call yourself from the circles of publicity, but also of the “big salons” as CHORIATIS.

But from where do all these Experiences follow him: What was it that created the flame in him? Under better conditions and habits: Who supported him, with a smile, despite their poverty to dare the elusive? This past for our hero. it is an element of his daily life, it determines his behavior, his values ​​and his outlook on life. But in the end he rewards him as a man with outstanding gifts.

In this bucolic environment, the love story of the two children, Dionysis and Lemonia, develops. At the same time as the love story unfolds, we see the customs and stories of the children who grew up in this stone village of Tsarsamba. In these villages you refer to “THE VILLAGERS” that in the 60s-70s were teeming with life and are now deserted, without anyone dealing with this great demographic problem, not only of Kozani, but also of our country itself.

Why…. A villager is not only one who lived and grew up in a village. A villager is one who has pure feelings and attitudes. A villager is one who lives in nature, with nature, hangs out with animals, flowers, trees and talks to them as if they were free people!
Finally, a villager is the one who tried, even once in his life, to count the stars in the sky!


Thanos Kanousis was born in the village of Kontovouni, Kozani.
He graduated from the Valtadorio High School in Kozani and studied theater and cinema in Athens. He worked as an actor for more than twenty years, participating in notable performances.
He was a member of the Kaisarianis Theater for five years, he played in Epidaurus (Hephaestus in Prometheus Desmotis with Yannis Voglis) as well as on television – in ten serials & in Kin/fo.
As a screenwriter he collaborated with Yiannis Kalamitsis and his texts were played on ERT & ANT1.
Is he currently working in Athens as a Concert Producer?
(He collaborated with great composers-songwriters-singers such as: Thanos Mikroutsikos, Mimi Plessa, Christos Nikolopoulos, Noti Mavroudis, Pyx Lax, Harry & Panos Katsimihas, M. Mitsia, K. Makedona, D. Galani, T. Tsanaklidou, D. .
Horiatis is his fourth Novel.
His previous works:
The cry of the rain – Delfini 1997
The Angel of the Lake – Traveler 2007
The Tango of Solitude – Traveler 2018

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