In 2024 the Call for the Young Farmers program – What it foresees

In 2024 the Call for the Young Farmers program – What it foresees
In 2024 the Call for the Young Farmers program – What it foresees

The Directorate of Agricultural Economy (DAO) P.E. Larisas invites all interested prospective young farmers, young livestock breeders and young beekeepers, in order to be informed about the Pre-Publication of the intervention P3-75.1 “Installation of Young Farmers” of the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy (SS KAP) of Greece 2023-2027.
The purpose of the Pre-publication is the basic and rough information about the eligibility criteria of young people and the creation of the agricultural holding with the declaration of the Single Aid Application (AEE) or Integrated Management and Control System (IMS) of 2024 and within the following months the detailed and detailed Invitation for the submission of files will follow.

The aim of the measure is to attract and retain young farmers, facilitate sustainable business development in rural areas as well as promote employment and development, equality
gender, including women’s participation in agriculture.
Natural persons, permanent residents of the Greek territory registered in OSDE, have the right to submit an application for support in the future invitation. 2024 who settled for the first time as farm heads,
during the eighteen months (18 months) preceding the date of submission of the support application, as long as the following conditions are cumulatively met:
A) have reached the age of 18 while they have not reached the age of 41.
B) They are permanent residents of a municipal or local community and settlement and have the head office of the agricultural business within the same Region.
C) Their agricultural holding must have a minimum production size of gross value, yield of €12,000 according to the indicators contained in the pre-publication.
D) They submit a business plan, with a maximum duration of up to 4 years with binding objectives and deadlines for the development of agricultural activities.
The amount of support is determined according to the category of the candidate’s permanent residence area, the orientation (plant, animal or beekeeping) of the farm’s production. The maximum amount is €42,500 (livestock production in mountainous and disadvantaged areas), while for plant production €30,000. For the detailed pre-publication, those interested can be informed from the websites of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food and

For more information, in Office 3.2 ground floor of the Directorate of Agricultural Economy P.E. Larissa and on the phones 2413 511 134-137 and 125.

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