Bad weather: The Municipality of Patreon is on alert

Bad weather: The Municipality of Patreon is on alert
Bad weather: The Municipality of Patreon is on alert

Because of the intense Msi dangerous weather phenomena, which according to the forecasts of the Meteorological Service are expected in our area, with heavy rains, storms and gale force winds, the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Patreonis put on 24-hour alert and operational readiness, tomorrow Friday 10 and Saturday, November 11, according to the announcement.

The Municipality of Patreon recommends citizens to be especially careful and to:

• Make sure that the wells outside their house are not blocked.

• Make sure that the gutters of the houses work normally.

• They are limited to the necessary movements.


• To avoid any unnecessary movement during severe weather conditions and to secure doors and windows hermetically, always keeping in mind in the event of floods to leave underground spaces and move to a safe high point of the house.

• Not to cross rivers on foot or in their car.

• Abandon their car if it is immobilized and may be swept away or flooded.

• Do not approach areas where landslides have occurred.

In case of danger and problems due to bad weather, citizens are requested to immediately notify the Fire Service at the number 199 – 112 or the Police at 100.


§ We insure items which, if blown away by the wind, may cause damage or injury

§ We fasten the advertising signs, which we may have posted (Traders and professionals).

§ We insure the doors and windows of our home or workplace.

§ We avoid activities in marine and coastal areas.

§ We avoid passing under large trees, under posted signs and in general areas where light objects (e.g. pots, broken glass, etc.) can become detached and fall to the ground (e.g. under balconies) .

Finally, citizens are asked to be careful when traveling, especially at night and in the early hours of the morning.

For more information and self-protection instructions, citizens can visit the website of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection at

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