The Greek cheese preferred among the 10 best in the world

The Greek cheese preferred among the 10 best in the world
The Greek cheese preferred among the 10 best in the world

The Taste Atlas recommended as an ‘encyclopedia of flavors‘. It has catalogs of more than 10,000 food and drinkshighlighting the most popular of each category.

In that of the cheeses made from pasteurized milk cow the mix of sheep and goat of milkGreece has a total 19 occurrences at 100 better.

In the best position is “placed” gruyere Naxos.

Overall, ‘reviewed’ 23,863 cheeses out of 35,895 suggested by website users, who also voted for the best.

The “organizing” authority made it clear that it has a series of mechanisms to guarantee that bots do not vote or other types of “abuses” occur.

Let’s see where the Greek entries were among the 100 best cheeses in the world.

  • In the No. 96 is displayed anthogalo from Chania,
  • in the No. 81 the xinomyzithra Crete,
  • in the No. 68 the gruyere Agrafon,
  • in the No. 67 the screw Messinia,
  • in the No. 65 The bastard Thessaly,
  • in the No. 61 the Like Michael her Syros,
  • in the No. 59 the oil cheese Mytilini,
  • in the No. 53 the cream cheese Thessaly,
  • in the No. 45 the male Naxos,
  • in the No. 44 the wine bottle her Mr,
  • in the No. 42 the basket Lemnos,
  • in the No. 32 the cream cheese,
  • in the No. 31 the mastelo Chios,
  • in the No. 30 the metsovone of Metsovo,
  • in the No. 22 the Melichlor her Lemnos,
  • in the No. 16 the gruyere Crete,
  • in the No. 14 the cephalograviera her Epirus,
  • in the No. 12 the headache and
  • in the No. 4 the gruyere Naxos.

The specialty of Naxos graviera

Below each cheese is mentioned how it is produced.

In the best Greek cheese, according to the Taste Atlas, you can read that “it has been produced on the Cycladic island of Naxos for at least a century.

Naxos graviera is made from pasteurized cow’s milk or a mixture of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk, with the content of the latter being up to 20%.

It has a thin skin and a light yellow and solid interior, full of small holes.

Naxos Gruyere is a hard cheese with a cool taste and light aroma.

Its moisture content is up to 38% and its fat content is at least 40%.

The milk used for its production comes from the animals that grow on the island and feed on the local flora, plants and herbs that give the milk its unique taste.”

Meanwhile, No. 1 changed this year.

You won’t find parmigianno reggiano there anymore, but another Italian cheese: it’s stracchino di Crescenza.

Produced in Lombardy, its texture is creamy and buttery, which is why it is often used as a spread. The flavors are mild, fruity and sweet.

Followed by Mozzarella di buffalo of Campania, with the creamy Cent Andre from Coutance in Normandy to round out the top three.

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