The president of the Alexandroupoli Port Organization has resigned in a huff

The president of the Alexandroupoli Port Organization has resigned in a huff
The president of the Alexandroupoli Port Organization has resigned in a huff

GREEK ECONOMY 09.11.23 15:52

Constantinos Hatzimichael announced his resignation from the position of the Organization, stating that he is leaving “anxious and troubled” and speaking of situations that are a brake on the continuation of the national project of the port.

Questions are raised by the news of Constantinos Hatzimichael’s resignation from his position as president of the Alexandroupolis Port Organization, as his resignation comes through an announcement that includes spikes.

Mr. Chatzimichail, in his post on social media, talks about situations “which are obstacles to the continuation of the national work of the Organization & are not consistent with my attitude to life” and adds that “I submitted as requested & as I had informed competently that I will resign from the position of President of the Org. Port of Alexandroupolis”.

At another point in his announcement, he even underlines that “I am leaving worried about the future and worried about the consolidation of the unique strategic character and role of the port, a concern which I had communicated in a timely manner”.

It is recalled that the port of Alexandroupolis has been in the spotlight in recent years mainly due to the increase of the American and NATO presence, as with the blessings of the Mitsotakis government it became a hub for the military involvement of the West in the Ukraine war.

About a year ago, moreover, the tender for its privatization was canceled with all formality, with the prime minister at the time declaring that the port “is of such great strategic, geopolitical and energy importance for our country that it must remain in ownership of the Greek State and specifically of TAIPED, which has the ability to develop the port and fully utilize all its potential”.

At the time he had meaningfully added “I don’t think I need to expand much more because at the present time we saw no reason to sell the port of Alexandroupoli to a foreign investor”.

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