Faced with understaffing and the privatization of Health, the people of Western Athens (VIDEO)

Faced with understaffing and the privatization of Health, the people of Western Athens (VIDEO)
Faced with understaffing and the privatization of Health, the people of Western Athens (VIDEO)

The great problems experienced by the people of western Athens were mentioned by Niki Chronopoulouregional councilor of Attica with the “Popular Rally”, speaking on “Attica TV”, on Thursday afternoon.

Initially, regarding the issue of Health, he focused on the major deficiencies that directly affect the people, such as the closure of Loimodos and the fact that nurses are being transferred from the Health Centers of Peristeri, Aigaleo and Haidari to staff the Attica hospital, as a result of which the Primary Health, instead of staffing the hospitals.

He noted that the “People’s Rally” has consistently raised the issue of hospital shortages in the regional council and underlined that the regional administration is aligned with the government in the logic of mergers.

He also highlighted the problem of moving students to schools in western Athens, as the responsibility has been transferred to contractors, as a result of which itineraries are not chosen that do not bring them the desired profit. In this way, parents are burdened to a great extent with the cost of travel, while children are excluded from the educational process, especially in special schools. He highlighted the proposal of the “People’s Gathering” for a single state transport agency for students, so that all needs are covered. A choice cannot be made as to which child will go to school and which will not, based on the profit of the contractors, emphasized N. Chronopoulou.

He also referred to the enormous problems of school roofs, the dangerous buildings that exist throughout Attica, informing that from 1999 until today not even half of the schools have been inspected, due to the large understaffing of services. Accordingly, the necessary repairs are not made.

The problem of public housing, family and student, is also large and comprehensive, as for example when the students of the Agricultural University have no homes to stay, the government and the region finance, next to the University, in Botanikos, the construction of a field for a large PAE.

Finally, he referred to the necessary anti-flood shielding of western Athens, but also to waste management, pointing out the huge risks to the health of the residents from the operation of the Phylis Landfill.

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