Kasselakis heads isolated in the battle of the Central Committee – Newsbomb – News

Kasselakis heads isolated in the battle of the Central Committee – Newsbomb – News
Kasselakis heads isolated in the battle of the Central Committee – Newsbomb – News

Isolated, with no tangible results to show the “party elite” he will meet for the first time at the weekend as chairman of SYRIZA and “surrounded” by a leadership group that leads him from one wrong move to another, he prepares to attend the Stefanos Kasselakis in crucial meeting of the Central Committeewhere the face of the party is expected to change forever.

Those recommended to Stefanos Kasselakis to hit the delete button, convincing him that it will boost his leadership profile, they probably shouldn’t feel too good. And that’s because their plan failed miserably, as the entire news media and the entire party apparatus, for three whole weeks, have been dealing with this issue, “flying” his political and opposition activities – which are also not performing as expected.

In fact, the new president of SYRIZA, in the internal party field, is forced to follow the pace of his opponents, who whenever they want to raise or lower the tempo of the confrontation, unable to actually do anything to change this situation. He is bound by the constitution of the party he leads and obliged to suffer the consequences of the thoughts of his “court”.

All his people are doing all this time, is going to the Media and throwing “fire” at “Umbrella”, trying to “convince” it to be led to the exit by itself. At the same time, he has to deal with the suffocating pressure of his online followers, those who appear as exponents of “cashiers”who ask him -almost blackmailingly- to proceed with something he cannot do, namely to take the “heads” of the dissenters by Sunday.

Luckily for him, looks like “Umbrella” will be leaving for other states this weekend. Not, however, because of the pressure of the presidential group, but because of the indignation of the base of the internal party minority, which feels political “suffocation” seeing the new order of things that was formed in Koumoundourou.

In this paralyzing intra-party situation, Mr Stefanos Kasselakis is trapped by the advice of the people who supported his candidacy and who now form the new leadership team. To be precise, with the tactical stunts to which they forced him, they led him politically between “Scylla and Charybdis”. On the one hand, he has cut off all contact with left-wing citizens – who, according to polls, at least, are leaving the party en masse – and on the other hand, he caused a huge gap with centrist voters, after the attack he launched against him Kostas Simitis.

However, things are not going well for his new leader SYRIZAwho hopes to make the internal party “sky” more “blue”, from Monday.

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