The company from Patras that has swept the major projects in Epirus…

The company from Patras that has swept the major projects in Epirus…
The company from Patras that has swept the major projects in Epirus…

He hasn’t left any big road project in our area that the construction company from Patras doesn’t hit and take.

“ERGODYNAMIKI PATROS S.A.” its name and in Epirus of Alexandros Kahrimanis, it seems that this particular company is doing… golden jobs, then and the decision of the Economic Committee of Thursdayfor the nomination of the temporary contractor for the project “Rehabilitation and improvement of the road section of the 2nd Provincial Road of Ioannina from Pigadia to Pramantas, Subsection: Pigadia-Plaka Bridge” (budget 23,600,000.00 euros with revision and VAT).

It is the very large budget road project that the Region of Epirus will carry out in the coming months and the decision to select the temporary contractor for the project was taken on Thursday morning by the Financial Committee of the Region of Epirus, approving the relevant minutes of the Implementation Committee of the respective tender. “ERGODYNAMIKI PATROS S.A.E.” won the tender with an offer of €16,396,345.38 (with revision, before VAT) and an average discount of 13.85% (€20,331,468.27 with revision and VAT), compared to approximately 8% given by two other companies, which had passed to the last phase of the tender process. Another company, “TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT A.T.E.B.E.” had initially submitted a proposal with a discount of 3.07% but did not proceed as it did not produce its original participation guarantee before the bid opening date and time and was therefore rejected.

N/A A/A cat. Bidder’s name Bid amount

before VAT.

Average Discount %
1. 302340 ERGODYNAMIKI PATROS S.A.T.E. €16,396,345.38 13.85%
2. 304895 AFORI PAPEOANNOU ATEVE INTERCUT €17,481,073.95 8.15%
3. 303783 EXTER S.A. €17,509,677.41 8.00 %

What other projects does it carry out in the area?

With a percentage that did not leave much room for celebration from the beginning, the company from Patras emerged as the lowest bidder in the auction for the vertical axis of the Ionian Road to Tzoumerka. “ERGODYNAMIKI PATROS S.A.E.” with a percentage of 58.17% it won the project “Connection road of Terovu A/K of Ionia Odos with the 2nd Provincial Road of Ioannina – Plaka Bridge” beating large companies that participated in that competition 6 years ago (ERGODYNAMIKI PATROS 58.17% , TOMI AVETE 53.46%, ELLINIKI HYDROZASKESKEW 53.21%, RAILWAY WORKS ATE 52.19%, ELIKA ATEE 47.57%, INTERKAT 44.88%, TERNA 43.67%, DOMIKI KRITIS 43.56%, RED ATE 41.30%, DIMOPOULOS 41.21%, ETEH 37.79%, INTRACOM 35.30%, PC DEVELOPMENT 35.02%, SHS ATE 33.70%, ERETVO 31.07%, EKTER 30.02%) . The original contract provided for a deadline for the completion of the project that began on 01-06-2018, thirty-six (36) months and ending on 01-06-2021, however, it took 2 more years (!) to complete the temporary delivery was made in the midst of the recent regional electionsn…

The project with an initial budget of €25,000,000.00 was awarded with €8,433,345.78 plus VAT: €2,024,002.99, a total of €10,457,348.77. However, with amending contracts, the money the company took from the Region rose significantly over time, over and above its initial offer, around 1.5 million euros…

“ERGODYNAMIKI PATRONS ATE” also executes the largest road project within the Ioannina Basin “Stavros Niarchos Road Project Works”, with a budget of 25,700,000 euros. On 26/11/2018 the electronic international tender for the reconstruction of the road connecting the city of Ioannina with the University and the University Hospital was completed and the contractor was the company from Patras with the largest discount, with a percentage of 42.48%, amount offer of 14.8 million euros. A total of seven contracting companies participated in that tender.

The work started at the beginning of the summer of 2020 and to the original budget was added a supplementary contract for the transfer of the DEYAI networks, which was taken by the same company… (budget 2.6 million euros with an offer amount of 1.8 million euros) and a supplementary contract followed, amounting to 1 million euros. The project has not yet been delivered.

In September 2021, the Financial Committee of the Municipality of Ioannina proceeded with the awarding of the contract for the important project of the large ring of the city of Ioannina (Panepirotikou Stadiou junction-Voianou junction). The company from Patras was selected as the definitive contractor. The initial budget of the project amounted to 24.8 million euros (including VAT). The contracting company gave a discount of 16.2%. The tender was held on July 5, 2021 and on the 9th of the same month the tenders were opened. A total of 8 files were received.

The physical object has progressed for this particular project to about 50%, with the start taking place in early 2022 and with an initial implementation schedule of 15 months... as the representative of the company stated at the time, during a visit by M. Elisaf. On the eve of the recent municipal elections, the outgoing Mayor D. Papageorgiou, during his visit to the construction site of the big ring, said that the completion of the project is expected within the original schedule…

Finally, “ERGODYNAMIKI PATRON ATE” was the contractor for the construction of the intersection on the Ioannina-Artas National Highway with Egnatia Highway. The project had an initial budget of 1,970,000 euros.

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