Upheaval in Volos: Above the permitted alcohol level in the driver’s blood…

Upheaval in Volos: Above the permitted alcohol level in the driver’s blood…
Upheaval in Volos: Above the permitted alcohol level in the driver’s blood…

A completely different twist takes the case with the fatal traffic accident in Volos, which led to the death of an infant, just four months old.

It is recalled that last Friday, a motorcyclist ran over the baby’s grandfather, who was holding the unfortunate little girl in his arms. From the traffic accident, the infant ended up on the asphalt, losing his life instantly.

According to information from Mega, the alcohol found in the blood of the 33-year-old driver reportedly exceeds the permissible limit, although the official results of the toxicology tests are still awaited. It is noted that because the traffic accident was fatal, a simple breathalyzer test was not performed, but the 33-year-old underwent blood and urine tests at a hospital.

According to the same sources, the results of the grandfather’s blood were negative, who after the tragedy was taken to the hospital with broken ribs.

The charges against the 33-year-old are of a felony nature, while the police are collecting footage from the cameras that exist along the entire length of Iasonos Street from where the car passed to the scene of the accident.

“My life is over but it’s not my fault”

The 33-year-old says he is devastated, says he is very sorry for what happened and reiterates that it hurts a lot.

“My life is over but I’m not to blame for what happened”, he said in Alpha’s communication with him. As can be heard in the video of the TV station, the driver is in a very bad condition and all he manages to say is that he is in a lot of pain and that he will do something next in relation to the baby’s family.

In his apology, according to gegonotanews.gr, he claimed that he was wearing a helmet and had not exceeded the speed limit of 50 kilometers, as the road had a lot of traffic and there were illegally parked cars everywhere.

He repeated that the 53-year-old suddenly jumped on the road and stopped in the middle of Iasonos, and he, in his attempt to avoid him, lost control of the machine and overturned, while he did not understand if the grandfather was holding the baby in his hands.

The 33-year-old reportedly claimed that what he perceived was that a pedestrian was on the edge of the left lane of the road running, then stopped, while cars were passing by, and was indecisive to return to the pavement.

According to information, the judicial officials gave the interrogation a basis on whether the child was secured in a stroller, so that it would not be thrown from the hands of the grandfather. The 33-year-old denied an eyewitness who said he overtook him and magistrates were asked to show CCTV footage before the 33-year-old reached the fatal road.

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