The 2nd Hippocratic Congress in Larissa from the School of Medicine

The 2nd Hippocratic Congress in Larissa from the School of Medicine
The 2nd Hippocratic Congress in Larissa from the School of Medicine

Postponed due to bad weather Daniel, 2The Hippocrates Medical Congress University of Thessaly will take place from 7 to 9 December 2023 in the “Hippokratis” amphitheater at the seat of the “Biopolis” Medical School.

With the participation of dozens of university doctors and NHS doctors of the strength of the Department of Medicine of the School of Health Sciences of the University of Thessaly and with a high-level program it takes place in Larissa on 2The Hippocrates Conference from December 7 to 9, 2023 at the “Hippocrates” auditorium at the headquarters of the “Biopolis” Medical School.

The conference is open to the public and focuses on the opening of the Department of Medicine to the society of Thessaly and Primary Health Care. Its thematic sections often include serious medical problems, with a focus on prevention, early diagnosis, as well as modern therapeutic strategies, as well as objective medical information.

At the conference, faculty members of the University of Thessaly from the clinics of the PGN Larisa, as well as doctors of all specialties from the National Health System will present their topics, in a simple but reliable way, understandable by the average citizen.

The conference is held in continuation of the events for the “Eternal Return of Hippocrates to Larissa”, which are co-organized by the Municipality of Larissa, the Region of Thessaly, the “O Hippocrates in Larissa” Association and the “O Hippocrates” Medical Association of Larissa. At the same time, through the conference, the ongoing cooperation with the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos and the World Hippocratic Institute of Physicians is promoted, with the aim of achieving the internationalization of Hippocratic ideas in the field of Medicine.

It is worth noting that the conference will be paper free and plastic free, which means that the use of printed and plastic material will be avoided, as a sign of the Department of Medicine’s commitment to environmental protection.

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