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Gaza Strip: Thousands flee north

Gaza Strip: Thousands flee north
Gaza Strip: Thousands flee north

Thousands of Palestinian civilians they took him again today road to the southern Gaza Striptrying to leave on foot from the North of the pocket where they continue with unabated intensity the bombings and the battles between him Israeli army and her Hamas.

After one month of deadly woundsin retaliation for Hamas’s bloody attack on Israel on October 7, hundreds of thousands of civilians remain trapped in a devastating humanitarian situation, according to the UN.

And today, as yesterday Wednesday, a huge crowd of men and women, with their children in their arms, with their hands usually empty or having collected their few possessions in a zembili, took the road to the south.

Israel announced earlier that it would open for several hours one new evacuation “corridor”.. About 50,000 people left the north on Wednesday.

The Israeli army claims to have brought under its control, after a ten-hour battle, a “stronghold” of Hamas to refugee camp her Jambaliya. During the battle, the soldiers “they seized many weapons, discovered the entrances of a tunnel, one of which, adjacent to a kindergarten, leads to a large underground network”.

According to the UN, 1.5 million of the 2.4 million residents of the Gaza Strip have been displaced by the war. Hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees are heading south, where food supplies are running dangerously low.

The Israel refused however, that it exists “humanitarian crisis” at Gauzealthough he acknowledges the “many difficulties” faced by civilians.

The situation of civilians and the wounded in the Gaza Strip is dramatic

Mahmoud al-Masri, one 60 year old farmerburied hastily their three brothers of himself and his five nephews in his arboretum and then left his home at Beit Hanunin northern Gaza, near the security fence with the Israel.

“We had to bury them in the orchard because the cemetery is near the border where the tanks are operating and the situation is very dangerous. I will transport the bodies after the war,” Masri, who has taken refuge with his family in a Khan Younes hospital, told an AFP reporter.

A surgeon of the International Committee of the Red Cross (CICR), Tom Potokar, described a “catastrophic” situation at the European Hospital of Khan Younes. “In the last 24 hours I have seen three patients who had fly nymphs in their wounds”he said.

In the northern Gaza Strip, hundreds of thousands of people are still north of the Wadi Gaza, the river that runs through the enclave from east to west and “struggling to find some water and food to survive” the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said. Hospitals that have not yet closed lack medicine and fuel to run their generators.

“We are trying to put lamps on the walls that run on car batteries,” said Ahmad Mana, a doctor at Al-Awda Hospital in Jabaliya, describing a “sad and tragic” situation.

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