Viral the “godly” pilot: “We arrived earlier – these things don’t happen”

Viral the “godly” pilot: “We arrived earlier – these things don’t happen”
Viral the “godly” pilot: “We arrived earlier – these things don’t happen”

“We’re landing 35 minutes early. Record, record time today!”

Since yesterday, a video of a TikTok user who traveled by air from Santorini to Athens has been making the rounds on the internet.

The “protagonist” is the young pilot of the aircraft, who excitedly informs in a simple, understandable and … everyday way – and quite a bit of humor – that they arrived earlier at their destination.

“Landing is expected in about 8 minutes. That is to land at 23:15 instead of 23:50. That is 35 minutes earlier. These things don’t even happen in fairy tales and we make them come true. Record, record time today.

The weather is wonderful, with only some sporadic clouds in Athens. The temperature at the moment on the ground is 18 degrees Celsius.

Thank you for choosing our company on this flight, that’s why we welcome you so quickly and so wonderfully, so that you have an absolutely perfect flight to enjoy and remember.

Have a good evening and have a good time, thank you very much,” he told the passengers.


Teolis the pilot the video taken by me returning this evening from Santorini and the actual kilometers until the satellite signal is lost

♬ original sound – Nikolaos Kardaras

The comments of the users about the “godly” pilot who put the passengers in a good mood were laudatory:

“At least you listen to him and understand him !!!” wrote one.

“Luckily you also understand the flight and it lifts your mood a bit, very important” someone commented.


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