Countdown to the inauguration

Countdown to the inauguration
Countdown to the inauguration

With the eye fixed on the swearing-in of the new Municipal Authority of the Municipality of Syros – Ermoupoli, all the new elected officials who will make up the next composition of the Municipal Council remain, the ceremony for which is scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, December 18 (5:00 p.m.).

The day before yesterday, in the evening, the results of the October municipal elections were ratified by the Court of First Instance of Syros and the anxiety for everyone is finally over. It is noted that with regard to the Municipality of Syros – Ermoupoli and the four new factions, no change occurs. “Public Opinion” presents in detail the names and the final crucifixion. The heads of the four combinations spoke ahead of the start of the new municipal term.

Regenerate us: Cooperation and a plan for the island

Fifteen members make up the new Municipal Authority of Alexis Athanasiou. In particular, the combination “Regenerate us” received the preference of the majority of voters in the recent elections (49.10%) and highlights the following persons who will make up the majority combination in the new Municipal Council.

From the section of Ano Syros, Thomai Mendrinou (774 crosses) and Yiannis Voutsinos (Kasounios) with 373 crosses. From the Poseidonia section, Christianna Papitsi (738), Roza Xanthaki (567), Francis Vakondios (413), Iosif Roussos (Solakas) with 336 crosses and from the Hermoupolis section, Yiannis Maragos (866), Petros Motos ( 820), Kostas Gaviotis (687), Nikos Skevophylax (657), Dimitris Kosmas (518), Vangelis Chalkias (451), Manthos Manthopoulos (430) and Dora Kartanou (419).

In his modest statement to the newspaper, Alexis Athanasiou reminded that the contacts of the new responsible persons are ongoing with the vice-mayors and the presidents of the Legal Entities who serve until today in the Municipality, in order for the transition to be smooth and not to waste time. On the occasion of the validation, he added that, “after the recounts, we have no shocking changes in the results. As a matter of fact, this helps us in our planning”. Mr. Athanasiou closed his statement, saying that the goal is good cooperation with the opposition factions. “Of course, our goal is cooperation and we will move forward for the island”, he commented characteristically.

With a plan for Syros: Fruitful opposition for the future that Syros deserves

The combination “With a plan for Syros” of Aris Rota came second in the voters’ preferences with a percentage of 31.01% and will constitute the majority minority in the new Municipal Council starting from January 2024.

The new faction will be represented by six councillors. In particular, Aris Rotas will be accompanied by Panagiotis Koutavas (397) from the unit of Ano Syros, Kandio Maragou (886) from the unit of Poseidonia and from the geographical unit of Ermoupolis by Yiannis Vroutsis (552), Yiannis Keranis (540) and Maria Mavrikou (414).

“I wish a good term to all the elected officials and point out that this is a difficult term, but decisive for the future of Syros, given the rapid changes of our time. Our pursuit is to make a fruitful and substantial opposition, without populism, but with the seriousness and consistency that this place deserves. With the sole aim of developing Syros and a prosperous future for our children, here in Syros”, said Mr. Rotas regarding the participation of his combination in the new composition of the Municipal Council.

People’s Rally of Syros – Ermoupolis: More responsibility for the difficult times ahead

The third combination will be the People’s Coalition of Syros – Ermoupoli which received 10.60% in the municipal elections, led by Nikolas Kailis and in practice, doubled its percentage. The second seat is occupied by Pavlos Chrysafidis with 337 crosses from the geographical unit of Ermoupolis.

In his statements to the newspaper, Mr. Kailis explained that his faction will responsibly respond to a next 5 years with high challenges. “With the validation, nothing changes. What we knew until now was confirmed and we see it from the Court of First Instance. We are pleased with the fact that we have another municipal councilor and of course the fact that we also have another councilor in the Local Community of Ermoupoli. We say that we have achieved our goal, which was in the next Municipal Council, for the People’s Rally to be stronger and more strengthened and therefore, to have better representation”, he said initially, stressing that his faction will continue vigorously. “We are seeing how things will progress. In other words, after the elections, a series of very serious issues have arisen regarding the operation of the Municipality and how the Municipality will operate from now on and under what conditions. For example, the out-of-court hearing of PPC for the debts of DEVAS, as well as the discussion that has arisen regarding the privatization of part of Kathariotios”, he added, pointing out that very important issues have been inherited by the current Board of Directors. “We see that a strong a voice within the Municipal Council that will highlight these issues and will also propose solutions for our own interest, that is, for the interest of the citizens and residents”.

Mr. Kailis closed his statements, saying that, “in these elections, the result of October, which has now been ratified, fills us with more responsibility and we have more responsibility to respond to the difficulties that come before us”.

Syros from scratch: Fourth combination with two seats

Fourth combination in the voters’ preferences came the group “Syros from the beginning” of Nikos Albanopoulos. With a percentage of 9.23%, she won one more seat in the Municipal Council, which is occupied by Angeliki Psilopoulou (197 votes) from the geographical unit of Ermoupolis.

It is noted that Mr. Albanopoulos did not want to make any statement, since as he stated in the newspaper “no political event arises from the validation of the results of the Syros Court of First Instance”.

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