Bellucci had lunch with Zervas in a restaurant in Tsimiski (vid)

Bellucci had lunch with Zervas in a restaurant in Tsimiski (vid)
Bellucci had lunch with Zervas in a restaurant in Tsimiski (vid)

By the mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervaas well as with art director of Thessaloniki Film Festival, Oresti Andreadakis had lunch Italian star, Monica Bellucciat noon on Thursday after the press conference he gave at the port of Thessaloniki.

The unique Monica Bellucci attended a private event organized by the festival at a central bar restaurant in Tsimiski. The mayor of Thessaloniki was also there, Konstantinos ZervasAs well as Haris Alexiouambassador of the Agora, the development department that organizes actions to support and promote the Festival.

Monica Bellucci had the opportunity to enjoy the gastronomy of Thessaloniki.

As the mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, stated, “we had the opportunity to meet her up close and find out how beautiful she felt in Thessaloniki”.

According to the mayor, they ate kakavia, mezes with seafood and the main course was a stira cooked with a recipe from Agioreti, and as he said “she liked it very much”.

“She really liked Thessaloniki, she felt the vibe of the city and said she will come again soon”, commented Mr. Zervas.

Earlier, Monica Belloutsai gave a press conference and then visited the exhibition “Ghosts” and also the exhibition “Takis Kanellopoulos: I dream of an excursion” in the port.

Monica Bellucci presented his screening yesterday hybrid film “Maria Callas: letters and memories” by Tom Wolff and Yiannis Dimolitsa, which had its international premiere at the 64th Thessaloniki Film Festival and is based on the play Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs. Tonight, she is expected to attend the screening of the film Malena, by Giuseppe Tornatore, with which she became world famous, where she will be honored by the Festival with the Golden Alexander for her wider contribution to cinema.

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