Feast of the Supreme Brigadier Generals in Kerasia, Kozani


With all the ecclesiastical splendor, the feast of the Pantheon was celebrated in the parish of Kerasia Kozani in the name of which the holy parish church is honored.

On Tuesday 7-11-23 at 6:00 p.m., a great celebratory vespers was held with a sacrificial offering and procession of an icon, by the Priests, Father Nikolaos, Father Euthymios and Father Nikolaos in the Holy Church of Panmegisto Taxiarchos.

After the end of the Holy Services, A.M. “Elimiakos” association of Kerasia offered the world boiled goat with trachana.

A large number of people attended on Wednesday 8-11-23 the High Priestly Divine Liturgy of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Serbia and Kozani etc. Paul.

After the end of the divine service, the women of the village offered the people local delicacies in honor of the Archangels.

The president of the local community Mr. Totskas Antonios and the Board of Directors of A.M. “Elimiakos” Association, they warmly thank the Metropolitan of Servia and Kozani, Mr. Paul and all the Priests who officiated at the vespers and the solemn Divine Liturgy.

Also the people who honored them with their presence, the women of the village for the food they offered, and Mr. Anastasopoulos Athanassios for the free sponsorship of the goat.

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