In Ioannina, the 1st Pan-Epironian Meeting of Nurses

In Ioannina, the 1st Pan-Epironian Meeting of Nurses
In Ioannina, the 1st Pan-Epironian Meeting of Nurses

This is an important initiative, which aims at the continuing education of nurses at the regional level, as well as the promotion and presentation of the clinical work in the region, while it is also an important opportunity to highlight good practices and interaction.

“The main goal of this 1st Scientific meeting, as its title states, is the scientific and professional networking of nurses and other health professionals in the wider Region of Epirus. It is clear that the problems and challenges we face at the District level are common and resources are limited. In this context, Academy collaboration with clinical practice is mutually beneficial and enhances not only continuing education but also evidence-based implementation. In any case, however, it is an event that we want to become an institution in the context of the presentation of clinical work, good practices and successful programs at the level of the district or even at the level of health units in our region”, says the assistant professor of Nursing University of Ioannina Zoe Constantis and adds that it is a multi-thematic scientific event, for which a rich program has been designed with lectures by experts, specialized round tables and targeted clinical tutorials. In summary, the topics to be discussed include the latest developments in the health sector, modern management of health services as well as evidence-based clinical practice alongside meeting the needs of patients and providing high quality care.

The meeting, the proceedings of which will be hosted at the “Karolos Papoulias” conference center of the University of Ioannina, is open to all nurses and other health professionals, regardless of specialty and level of education.

More information and registration statements on the website


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