Friends of Prasinos in Tinos/ Sowing time has come


Association of Friends of Prasinos Tinos

The time has come for the work of producing young seedlings in the greenhouse and the Network Garden of our Association.

At the same time, we take care of the experiential education of students of all levels.

We have already started the agricultural courses with P.O. of EPAL every Friday, an educational three-hour session with theory and practical application of what the children are taught with spectacular results. .

Every week we need 20 50 liter bags of sterile potting soil, 50 disposable gloves and bottled water for the children.

In this EDUCATIONAL FESTIVAL that is repeated every week, we need the help of the Local Government, the Associations of our Island, the School Committees, the School Units, the Associations of Parents and Guardians, every Parent, every Citizen who is interested in the Environmental Education of of young people and the increase of Greenery on our island. With the help of all of you, we can create even more saplings, and thousands of OLIVES, HERE IN OUR PLACE, THROUGH THE SUCCESSFUL EXPERIMENTS WE ARE DOING WITH THE COUNTRY OF TINOS.

WE DON’T NEED MONEY, 5 teachers, three active teachers from EPAL and the General High School and two more, members of the Board of Directors. of the FRIENDS OF THE GREEN Association, we have been working for years now voluntarily, without payment from anyone, from our hearts, WE NEED and ASK ALL OF YOU to bring us potting soil from the shops of Tinos, water and gloves for the children.

WE WANT AND ASK YOU TO BRING US THE EMPTY POTS YOU HAVE AT YOUR HOME SO THAT WE CAN RECYCLE PLANTING NEW PLANTS IN THEM, which we will then offer to you again. If we are not at the nursery located next to the Paniero Church of Megalochari, leave your love outside the large green door of the nursery.

For the Board of Directors

The President Ioannis Psaltis

Secretary Nikolaos Gizis

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