The civil war escalates with executives at the exit door

The civil war escalates with executives at the exit door
The civil war escalates with executives at the exit door

The thermometer rises dangerously to SYRIZA just twenty-four hours before Saturday’s crucial Central Committee meeting with the warring sides exchanging harsh words, the dismissals remaining on the table and several executives already at the exit door.

The belligerent climate that prevails in SYRIZA was reinforced yesterday with statements made by both the leadership of the party and the wing of the dissidents, essentially confirming that both sides are seeking a frontal conflict in the Central Committee. It is characteristic that the president of the party Stefanos Kasselakis allegedly the Damocles sword of deletions prevailed from Brussels. According to information, the president of SYRIZA announced in a closed meeting with MEPs that he intends to stick to his proposal for the removal of four executives (Tzoumakas, Filis, Skourletis and Vitsas) and called on them to reform.

The paper of deletions was used, however, by the side of the disagreements with the Prefecture of North Athens to request the referral to the Ethics Committee of the supporter of Mr. Kasselakis, Elena Akrita, with the accusation that he violated the statute by publicly supporting a candidate close to the ND in the municipal elections. Mrs. Akrita responded in a sharp tone to the Prefectural Committee of North Athens, describing her as “the Umbrellas of my neighborhood”.

It was preceded by publication highly critical article of the former Minister of Economy, Giorgos Stathakis, who called the election of Mr. Kasselakis a “political coup” and likened the president of SYRIZA to Donald Trump. He also accused the new leadership group of “populism” with “elements of ridicule” and emphasized that “in the Kasselakis – Papas – Polakis party” unfortunately the Left does not fit.

The presidential side responded in a very harsh manner to Mr. Stathakis’ reports, with Pavlos Polakis accusing the dissidents of wanting “the evil of SYRIZA”. “To the repeated vile characterizations of me and others I will not respond now, not because I cannot properly put you in your place, but because it is obvious that all you want after your defeat in the presidential elections is to harm SYRIZA -PS! There are so many of you” he said addressing Mr. Polakis.

Tebonera fire intervention

In a completely different spirit, however, Dionysis Teboneras attempted a firefighting intervention calling on all sides to lower their voices and proceed with actions of goodwill. “The area needs calm, steps of good will and will must be taken for there to be alliances the next day” he said separating his position from the “belligerents”.

“The deletions should not dominate the Central Committee. I ask that it be downgraded on the agenda, I am not saying that they withdraw but that we focus on political issues” he added and called on the dissidents not to withdraw. “In my opinion, a split at this moment creates demobilization, creates disappointment, unfortunately favors the political dominance of the ND” he said and assured that there is room for unity in SYRIZA.

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