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Patrini take the… streets!

Patrini take the… streets!
Patrini take the… streets!

As he tells, six years have passed since then and from the first 13 walkers who responded to his call, there are now well over 100 people. The previous Sunday, in the Mycenaean cemetery of Vouteni “there were so many I couldn’t count them» he says and emphasizes that no special skills are needed, only a love of walking and a will to explore.

Mr. Chalkiopoulos tells us that it is not only fathers who participate in the excursions “we have people who come from Aigio, Kato Achaia but also foreigners who come to the University of Patras, they look for us and for as long as they are in our city, they participate in our walks».

A typical example of the increase in the group’s walkers is the excursion next Sunday: “We arranged to visit and walk in Foloi, in the Centauri Gorge. Entries for the bus closed in the blink of an eye and they are pressuring me to add a second one, but I wish I could, I’m not a travel agency.”

The encouraging thing for the Patras Hikers is that “our main core is getting older, but we are surrounded by young people who are constantly growing».

In this year alone, the Hikers of Patras have carried out 32 excursions and are no longer limited to the citywe choose the places that people ask us and that they want to walk and get to know. The truth is that we are constantly tired only in Patras and we try to change performances and images as much as possible. It’s a way out».

* Her Konstantinas Andriopoulou

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