Road map for the “decommissioned” sports infrastructure

Road map for the “decommissioned” sports infrastructure
Road map for the “decommissioned” sports infrastructure

From scratch, the new Municipal Authority and the next mayor, Alexis Athanasiou, should pick up the “thread” for the “decommissioned” and extremely damaged, but also dangerous large sports facilities of the Municipality of Syros – Ermoupolis, in order to provide solutions for the needs of the youth of Syros.

The public admission a few days ago by the current deputy mayor of Technical Services, Mina Alifragki, that in the current term, the current administration “made an accident regarding the sports facilities” and the routing of projects, essentially betrays the great unanswered agenda that falls on the “back” of the new Municipal Authority .

Regarding the difficult bet of their smooth, but also safe operation, Mr. Athanasiou was asked by “Koini Gnomi” in order to have clear answers for the road map to be followed by the new Municipal Authority.

After all, the Deputy Minister of Sports, Yannis Vroutsis, is asking all the Municipalities to register their sports facilities, so that a clear picture of their smooth operation can emerge.

Demolition of A’ Klistis and “balloon” field

The current “carcass” of the 1st Indoor basketball is expected to be a thing of the past. “The 1st Basketball Hall is going for demolition. It is not possible to waste money for no reason and not to fix the case and become the “bridge of Arta”. We are going to demolish and study from the beginning for a new indoor basketball court”, he clarified from the beginning, emphasizing that, “with the perspective that we will have the Region’s multipurpose hall for the official matches, an indoor court for training is enough for us”.

However, until then, he was questioned about whether immediate relief would be given to the basketball players.

Mr. Athanasiou announced his actions so that, if there is a decision from the Board of Directors, the solution of a “balloon” field, according to the model of the Municipality of Glyfada, will be proposed.

“We are working on various ways both pre-election and post-election to see how we can provide an immediate solution for basketball. After my visit yesterday (i.e. the day before), to the Municipality of Glyfada where I saw what the “balloon” field is – and I thank the mayor, Mr. Papanikolaou and the deputy mayor for Technical Services, Mr. Angelopoulos for the tour of all their sports facilities -, I’m openly in favor of the balloon. There are the known issues, but we have to discuss them with the Service”, he pointed out against the background of the issue of strong winds, saying of course that, in this way and with a safe construction, “you provide an immediate solution with a field, very reliable “. He was clear about the cost. “The cost of what I saw is around 245 thousand euros. And from there on, he has some accompanying works with walls and concrete that do not exceed 50-60 thousand euros. And this to be properly supported”, he said, explaining how it can be covered. “We are talking about any open basketball court that is chosen to make it a “balloon”. And this to give an immediate solution to the basketball community. If we don’t want an immediate solution, we should look at the alternatives, such as the parallel use of the Second Closed Room”.

2nd Closed: Static reinforcement and fire safety

Regarding the indoor volleyball court, the new mayor pointed out that the initial priority is to have static reinforcement. “So, the Second Hall remains as it is. It is supposed to be a static reinforcement project that will have to be re-tendered. If the tender does not come out and is of interest to the contractors, the only thing we will have to see is how we will remove this problem of static reinforcement in order for the hall to get permission”, he pointed out, stressing that, “fire safety issues have arisen. But we will see all this”.

Prefabricated construction for swimmers and polo

Below it was asked how to satisfy the nautical community and the swimming enthusiasts who unfortunately for many years, remain out of the pool during the winter season.

“As we are, it is not possible. We don’t have a building factor in there. Let’s be realistic and pragmatic. What can be done is what we had proposed before the election and I have discussed it with the deputy governor, Mr. Leondaritis, regarding the funding so that he can help us. We will look to investigate the installation of a 25-meter pre-cut pool, which works with heat pumps, with electricity and not with oil or 33 meters, to be able to cover the pole as well”, he informed, explaining that, “we are in contact with Mr. Leontaritis so that we can go to an installation until the problem of the 50-meter pool that we have is solved, which is not the easiest thing in the world.”

Asked practically how a prefabricated pool will be placed in the existing facilities, he explained the following. “Practically, the 25th might be able to sit on top of the small children’s pool. As for the 33rd, the adjacent 5×5 space must be used. He cannot enter the same space.”

Pefkakia and Ano Syros

Then, he recalled his recent statements about the Pefkakia stadium. “As far as the Pefkakia stage is concerned, if the situation with Archeology is not clarified, I cannot say which way we will go. I will also seek a meeting in December, that is before we officially take over, to see what we will do. There are two thoughts. If the 200 m track is preserved, it will remain a stadium, otherwise if this is not possible, it will remain a multipurpose sports and leisure venue.”

In addition, he was also clear about the Ano Syros stadium, stressing that the danger should first be removed.

“For the Ano Syros stadium, we must immediately see what is being done to remove the danger. The Technical Service has already produced a fairly high-budget project. We need to find less expensive ways to de-risk and get the stadium up and running. It will remain a stadium”, he clarified, explaining of course that if the project to remove the danger reduces its size, then it will also function as a venue for cultural events. “However, if its dimensions are reduced or if it is used alongside cultural events, which is done in a stadium, it will depend on the project to remove the danger”, he said characteristically.

Finally, regarding the part of the municipal courts, he said that, “as far as tennis is concerned, let me remind you that we will try to build the other two courts as well. And of course, let’s not forget the football stadium of Ermoupoli, which operates through the Cyclades Football Club and this will continue”.

Management in collaboration with Associations

Finally, Mr. Athanasiou was asked about the management of the new pitches built by the Region of S. Aegean and which will be assigned to the Municipality, where they belong. The new mayor made it clear that in order to be in operation, cooperation with Associations is required. “We will have the management of the stadium in Pagos, according to our proposals. That is, with a loan to an Association like AO Pagos. We will propose it to the team”, he emphasized, while on the same wavelength, he pointed out that, “a corresponding solution for the Kaminia stadium, so that they can operate. Not locked and kids jumping the bars. There we will contact the Cultural Association of Kaminia”. For the specific area, he explained that, as a second scenario, “we have the solution with the cooperation with the people from the 55-67 program from the OAED, who we are hiring and will have them for two years in the Municipality”.

For all these stadiums, he pointed out that, “the last solution will be for them to go out through a public announcement to a private person. The Municipality cannot actually operate them”.

Concluding his answers, he did not fail to mention the Vari multipurpose hall, saying the following. “For the stadium, the multi-purpose hall of Vari, the idea is to collaborate with the Runners of Syros who are in the circle of classical sports”.

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