Who is the “TikTok policeman” with the fanatical audience and thousands of likes

Who is the “TikTok policeman” with the fanatical audience and thousands of likes
Who is the “TikTok policeman” with the fanatical audience and thousands of likes

The legendary series The Wire, which was created by David Simon and ex-cop Ed Burns, showed that those who deal with crime every day sometimes become the same as what they fight. High-ranking police officers are bribed by drug dealers, low-ranking ones treat petty criminals like trash or turn a blind eye, simply because their eight-hour shift is over.

Vangelis Batarlis often appears on TikTok and arouses the public’s interest. What is he doing?

In a video he uploaded after the accident in Tempe, he says: “We are one hundred and one hundred with you, I wish we could march as uniformed people for what happened, but it is not allowed, it is unconstitutional. The fact that we are not allowed to do something similar does not mean that we are against you.

In another video, he referred to gangs of people uploading illegally acquired photos of women to Telegram:

“Know that your body is yours, it’s not pornographic material. The uploaders should be ashamed of your body, not you. Be assured that every man (makes quotation marks as he emphasizes the word) will be punished exemplarily.”

In other videos, he refers to actions of Humanity Greece that he participated in, on the occasion of the fires of last August, while there is also a cute post about Valentine’s Day, who himself is waiting in line to get flowers – probably – for his girlfriend. Cute.

I don’t know if Batarlis “calls a spade a spade” and if he is a role model for police officers. I was convinced that he is a good kid, on the good side of the TikTok influencers, with the following video, in which the main characters are little ones, from those that when we meet on the street, we usually ignore/curse.

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