The Office of the EP in Greece and the EDIPT in a discussion about the Greek and European press Athens office


The greeting and presentation of the speakers by Konstantinos Spyrou, General Secretary of the Union marked the start of the event. This was followed by the showing of a short video greeting of the MEP Anna – Michel Asimakopoulou, which highlighted the key role of the new Press Registry in achieving transparency and independence in the press. In his introductory statement, the head of the Office of the European Parliament in Greece Konstantinos Tsoutsoplidis informed the attendees about the role and actions of the Office, while underlining the role of the media in increasing citizen participation in the upcoming European Elections. Then, the president of EDIPT, Penny Hutspoke about measures and policies to support member states of the European Union towards the press, while o Dimitris Galamatis, Secretary General of Communication and Information presented in detail information and statistics on the Print and Electronic Press Registers (MET and MHT). The event closed with a presentation by the Press Officer of the Office of the European Parliament in Greece, Anna Efstathiou regarding the European Parliament’s facilities for the press, emphasizing the importance of participation in the 2024 European Elections and its impact on democracy and the future of the European Union.

Constantinos Tsoutsoplidis, Head of the Office of the EP in Greece and Anna Efstathiou, Press Officer of the Office made presentations in the context of the event.

The event was attended by the former Minister of Press and Member of Parliament of the National Democratic Party. Theodoros Roussopoulosthe advisor to the Presidency of the Government Christiana Kalogirou as well as representatives of Associations of Press Publishers, such as from the Association of Athens Daily Newspaper Owners (EIHEA), the Association of Provincial Press Owners (EIET) and the Internet Publishers Association (ENED). Also “present” were representatives from the Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism Ath. Botsi, from the Organization for the Collection and Management of Speech Works (OSDEL) and the European Communication Institute (ECI). Finally, representatives from other Unions in the field, such as the Foreign Press Correspondents’ Union, the Panhellenic Sports Press Association (PSAT), the Provincial Press Editors’ Union (ΕΣΕΤ), the Photojournalists’ Union (PEΤΕΕΕ), the Newsagents’ Union, as well as members of EDIPT.

The event was attended by Christiana Kalogirou, Dimitris Galamatis, Penny Kalyva and Konstantinos Spyrou.

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