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Aspropyrgos: The 30-year-old gymnast accused of indiscretion against his underage students was released conditionally after his apology

Free with the restrictions the primary school physical education teacher of Aspropyrgos was spared from appearing at a police station and being banned from leaving the country after his apology.

He has been prosecuted for child abuse consecutively by a teacher, while the case arose after 8 complaints from parents about sexual harassment of children following complaints from parents.

According to information the accused he completely denied what is attributed to him and allegedly to he spoke of an attempt by his parents to expel him from school. Yes, the case file allegedly contains statements from his fellow professors, who have not made any negative report against him.


The first reaction of the 30-year-old after his arrest

The father of the arrested man spoke a few days ago to Mega regarding the case.

According to him, his son’s first reaction was to say that he jokes with the kids.

“I was called by director and they told me that they caught the kid and he is at the police station. The child He is not my child, but he has Asperger’s Syndrome. He is a child, his age does not correspond to his age, i.e. he is actually much younger. That created this biggest problem for him, because he thinks he’s still a kid.”the child’s father claimed.

“There can be a kind of contact with the children where they approach them and say: ‘Watch out, my child.’ “Dad, we’re friends with the kids,” he tells me. He tickled the children, but not wickedly”he added.

“I cannot believe what has happened. The (…) is one child – malama, not because he is my son, by God. The whole world has to say this, there is no better child. He had studied special education with children, to help because he feels the same way and wants to help in this situation.

In fact, now that I tell him: “You won’t go to this school again”, he says: “Why dad? THE escape is she better?”, she’s managing it but I’m scared”said father of 30-year-old gymnast.

THE 30 years old was arrested inside the school on Tuesday morning (07/11) following the complaints of the parents of the minors, who at the general assembly of Parents and Guardians they listened in amazement to each other, referring to what their children had told them.

From tickling in their bodies until obscene words, the students told their parents what was going on, causing all the parents to appeal to the principal. From there, the police were called and then the arrest was made.

See in the video below at the time of the arrest of the 30-year-old gymnast

The testimonials about the gymnast are chilling

The testimonies that have come to light about the 30-year-old gymnast are shocking.

As the mother of a fourth grade student, who is also the president of the Association, said: “The incidents for which this particular man is accused are that he tickled the children in the abdomen, that he did not let them do gymnastics and left them in the hall to be tickled. There is no confirmed incident of any child sexual abuse. All parents are annoyed. He presented tickling as a game.”

On his part, Mr vice president of the Parents and Guardians Association, stated: “We found out on Sunday at the General Assembly, that this person was tickling the children and wouldn’t let them go outside. There are complaints that he did not take the children outside, he kept them in class and they drew and played. We found out about all this after the fact. We came to the school to find out what happened, he denied that anything strange had happened.”

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