Eleousa advanced to the “8”, Koutselio 1-2 (video) PASsports

Eleousa advanced to the “8”, Koutselio 1-2 (video) PASsports
Eleousa advanced to the “8”, Koutselio 1-2 (video) PASsports

A place in the quarter-finals of the Cup was closed by Thyella Eleusas, who prevailed with a score of 1-2 over PAO Koutseliou in the game that took place at noon on Wednesday.

In a game where the score was decided in the first 35 minutes of the match, the Storm may not have reached a high standard of performance and faced a strong and competitive opponent, but they got the qualification that was wanted.
In the 4th minute, Paparouna’s shot was off target and it was only in the 8th minute that the score came 0-1 with a goal by Nougia after an assist by Stefanos Paparounas. In the 10th minute, in an attempt to get the hosts to react, the defenders of Eleoussa cleared the ball in a shot by Kakaranza, while in the 22nd minute, Nougia assisted Christakopoulos who shot in the movement but the ball went wide.

In the 31st minute it was 0-2 when Nougias committed a foul, Tsoumanis found the ball and it ended up in the net.

Koutseliou’s response was immediate and reduced the score to 1-2 in the 35th minute with a pass from Koutsoyiannis, who came out alone against Archontakis after a counterattack and scored.

Eleusa’s double missed opportunity in the 36th minute when Mouhanis and Nougias were beaten by Vasios and Koutchelio defenders who kicked them out for a corner, while Nougia’s subsequent shot was also off target.

In the last minutes of the half, Kouchelios pressed high but without threatening the opposing goal.
There were few good moments in the replay where battles in the center area and strong marking dominated.

After a nice individual effort by Daskalos in the 60′, the ball went out, while after a period of time in the 64′, Nougias was unable to beat Vassios.

In the 75th minute Paparouna’s shot was off target, while in stoppage time Daskalos caught the shot from the height of the penalty but the ball went wide.

Arbitration: Kollias (Konstantinou- Tsandas)
Kouchelio (Tasiolas):Vassios, Kentros (72′ Tsakanikas), Kyriakidis, Antoniou, Siametis, Katsanos, Balantanis (Vletsas), Kakarantzas (87′ Kamotas), Koutsoyiannis, Daskalos, Alexiou (72′ Petkos).
Thyella Eleusas (Zoeis):Archontakis, Marmoutas, Karasas, Nasios, Mallatos, Mouhanis (77′ Tsagas), Tsoumanis, Paparounas Ath (88′ Kefalas), Paparounas St (89′ Tzimas), Nougias (77′ Boukouvalas), Christakopoulos (77′ Veltsistas) .

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