Mouzouris meeting with the Austrian Ambassador to Greece

Mouzouris meeting with the Austrian Ambassador to Greece
Mouzouris meeting with the Austrian Ambassador to Greece

The Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Greece Gerda Vogl was welcomed today 9.11.2023 by the Regional Governor of the North Aegean Konstantinos Moutzouris, accompanied by the Liaison of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior in Greece Mrs. Dalia EL-Hennawi.

The meeting took place in the context of a visit to Lesbos by the Ambassador and Adviser on European and International Affairs of the Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen.

In the context of the meeting, the Regional Governor presented the profile of the islands of the North Aegean from the point of view of society, economy, produced products and tourism and discussed issues of common interest, tourist attendance and development, but also issues related to the immigration issue, as well as the situation in the Middle East.

The Regional Governor immediately afterwards underlined:

“I was happy to welcome today the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to Greece and her entourage and we had a very interesting discussion regarding her status as an Advisor on European and International Affairs. The friendly relations that connect our two countries and the spirit of cooperation and solidarity, have their origins in the past, which we are called to continue and expand as members of the same EU family.”

Before leaving, the Ambassador stated that she was extremely impressed by Lesvos and what she managed to see, promising that she would plan a vacation with her family on the island.

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