Vagena: “About nothing to do with politicians”

Vagena: “About nothing to do with politicians”
Vagena: “About nothing to do with politicians”

The former member of parliament of SYRIZA Larisa, Anna Vagenastates the following about the publication of the Poten Esches of the political leaders:

A few days ago the Pothen Esches of the MPs and political leaders of all parties were published. Because I believe that everyone’s Pothen Esches, with very few exceptions, is largely a reflection of their integrity, I would urge people to pay a little more attention to them.

I will refer to the publication of the website Vouliwatch, in my opinion a timely website, which gives an enlightening picture on the subject. So, according to the tables posted by Vouliwatch, the average income of MPs per party for 2021 is as follows:

ND: 171.7 thousand euros

SYRIZA-PS: 72.4 thousand euros

KKE: 82.8 thousand euros

PASOK-KINAL: 90.5 thousand euros

Greek solution: 96.2 thousand euros

From the table, it is clear that the average income of SYRIZA-PS MPs is the lowest, even of PASOK-KINAL and KKE MPs.

As for the incomes of the president of the ND and our Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, these amount to 1,935,259 euros.

The conclusion is yours to make”.

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