The local KKE near the Kozani Chamber of Commerce


On Wednesday 8/11, a delegation of the KKE led by Thanasis Hasta member of the Office of the Western Macedonia Region Committee and the Yannis Mitsiakos member of the Kozani Sectoral Committee, held a meeting with his delegation Board of Trade Association of Aianis.

The members of the administration of the Trade Association informed about the situation of the professionals of Aiani and about the problems they face (taxation, insurance, reduction of income, operating costs, transportation, etc.).

The delegation of the Party Organization developed the positions of the KKE for small professionals. She expressed her opposition to the new tax bill of the ND government, which constitutes a major attack on the income of small professionals, artisans and traders. The ND government, like the previous ones, in the name of tax evasion, is hunting once again the small professionals, who have been burdened with a lot of burdens (taxation from the 1st euro, extortion of the business fee, subsistence allowances, dozens of indirect taxes etc.).

At the same time, it maintains the flagrant tax immunity of big capital, such as for example shipowners with voluntary taxation and 58 special tax breaks, bankers with deferred tax and strategic investors with tax breaks provided for in the development laws of all governments.

He expressed the position of the KKE here and now to withdraw the government’s new tax break for professionals. Restoring the individual tax-free limit to 12,000 euros (as it was before the crisis), increased by 3,000 euros for each protected member. Immediate removal of pretense fee. Establishing an unencumbered business account, etc.

Finally, he emphasized the need for small professionals with their organized collective struggle to thwart the government’s anti-people plans.

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