Lamia: Plakaki – trap in the city center (VIDEO-PHOTOS)


An elderly woman was injured, while accidents are daily according to people from the surrounding shops…

One real trap for the physical integrity of mainly elderly people, has been created in a very central part of Lamia, specifically on a sidewalk of Kolokotroni street a few meters from the park square.

It’s about tile which has been moved due to the growth of the tree root system and protrudes far enough not to be seen but still capable of causing an accident!

Citizens from the surrounding shops have informed the Municipality about the danger and also about the accidents that have already occurred, but as they say, no one was interested.

Unfortunately on Thursday morning (9/11) we ourselves witnessed such an accident of an elderly woman who collapsed on the pavement and hit her face.

Watch the video:

A passing citizen, shop owners and employees, as well as policemen rushed to give her first aid, but if the damage is not repaired soon, it is certain that another person will be hit and probably seriously. It should be noted that the police officers volunteered and took the unfortunate elderly woman to her home.

See photos:

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