Storm for Adonis Georgiadis

Storm for Adonis Georgiadis
Storm for Adonis Georgiadis

The Minister of Labor, Adonis Georgiadis, caused the anger of the opposition, the relatives of the victims, and society, with his statements about Tempi. What did he answer from the floor of the Parliament?

The Minister of Labor is in a difficult position, Adonis Georgiades, after his statements about Tempi, as, despite his partial apology, he continues to accept them pyre of the opposition.

It should be noted that during the briefing of the political editors, at noon on Thursday (9/11), the government representative, Paul Marinakis, chose to distance himself from the statements of the ND minister, saying that “alas if we were not concerned with the tragic accident in Tempe. It concerns us and concerns the citizens” announcing at the same time, that the New Democracy MPs will vote on the KKE’s proposal for the establishment of an inquiry committee for the fatal train accident.

Adonis’ answer from the floor of the Parliament

In the wake of these developments, the debate in the Plenary Session of the Parliament has “fired up” with Adonis Georgiadis coming to the floor for clarifying statements, during which he emphasized, among other things, that “if I had said what you say, I would have resigned myself in shame”.

In particular, he stated that, “I am forced to come to the Parliament and make this intervention, after the position of Mr. Katrinis and the mediated intervention of Mr. Kasselakis. Both demanded my dismissal from the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, for my allegedly “horrific” statements yesterday, that “the Greek people are not interested in Tempi”. I want to ask apologies to the victims’ relatives. My experience, television and radio, should have protected me, and I should have realized at that moment, the distortion which, for petty partisan reasons, my political opponents would surely do in the next moment, ignoring the pain of the victims, for whom they are supposed to be cut today”.

“Obviously, I never said that the Greek people are not interested in Tempi. I couldn’t have said it either. Only a heartless person could have said such a thing. That’s all I said, and I publicly thank Mr. Dellatola, the journalist who asked me the question, for his position today on Real fm, who said “because I asked the question to Mr. Georgiadis, I have to say from the same frequency, that he never said what they impute to him”. The question was what is my opinion on whether it should be preliminary or examination for Tempi.

And what I said is that the Greek people are not interested in this. I mean, for what? For Tempe? No. For the political fight, for the kicking of politicians, for political micro-exploitation, for the commerce of tragedy. That is why the Greek people are not interested. The Greek people are interested in such a tragic accident never happening again, for the state to do everything it can, for the relatives of the victims, for the Greek justice to investigate who are the real responsible and for them to be punished. This interests the Greek people.

The Greek people are not interested in the parties fighting over such a terrible accident. That’s what I said, that’s what the journalists understood first of all, if I had said something so horrible, they would have already cut and criticized me. Both journalists, and Mr. Hatzinikolaou and Mr. Dellatolas, are extremely experienced, so that they would not be in a hurry to comment if I had said something so truly horrible.” added and concluded,

If I had said what you say, I would have resigned myself in shame. I never said what you say. Nevertheless, I really apologize to the relatives of the victims, because this report of mine gave you the opportunity to make this fuss, and to cause them, unwittingly and myself, more pain, while people have already gone through a lot of pain , to challenge them even more. Of course, I and the government and all of us are committed to doing everything to prevent such an accident from happening again and to bring everything to light. And we await the verdict of the Greek justice system.

The government spokesman also made a statement. That the ND will vote in favor of the inquiry committee proposal submitted or submitted by the KKE. Why; Because looking for what’s going wrong in the system, that’s right, that’s not a political confrontation, that’s an inquiry into substance. You simply justified my statement yesterday because you were quick to make a petty partisan confrontation”.

SYRIZA: The prime minister should condemn the statements

The statement of the Minister of Labour, Adoni Georgiadis, was criticized by SYRIZA-PS, accusing the government of “she overcame her worst self” while asked the prime minister to condemn her.

“We knew we were dealing with an arrogant and cynical government that was accustomed to targeting and disparaging various social groups in the context of social automation. This time she surpassed even her worst self, reaching the point of hubris towards the dead”SYRIZA-PS sources report on the occasion of yesterday’s statement by the Minister of Labour.

They state in particular that “Adonis Georgiadis’ statement regarding the actions of the opposition to investigate the tragedy of Tempe and the wiretapping scandal constitutes the epitome of wretchedness and inhumanity”.

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Kasselakis: The prime minister should dismiss Georgiadis immediately

The president of SYRIZA-PS also described Adonis Georgiadis’s statement about Tempi as cynical and inhumane. Stephanos Kasselakiswho spoke of major political issueat the same time calling on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to dismiss him from the ND government.

As he characteristically wrote in his post on Twitter, the president of SYRIZA, this particular statement initially insults the memory of the victims but also the injured and rescued, while it also insults the whole of the Greeks who are presented as a people without feelings.

PASOK: Adoni’s statements are a monument of cynicism and arrogance

PASOK also commented on Adonis Georgiadis’ statements about Tempi with a statement, speaking of cynicism and arrogance.

“For the New Democracy government, the dead in Tempe “do not concern” public opinion. With the same cynical logic, they bypassed the criminal absence of the state and ministerial responsibilities, when the Antony Karyotis in the port of Piraeus and Michael Katsouris in New Philadelphia from the invasion of Croatian hooligans” comment specifically.

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Katrinis: The minister’s statements have an establishment mentality

For inhumane statementregarding the accident in Tempi, on behalf of Adonis Georgiadis, PASOK MP spoke, Michael Katrinaa little while ago in the Parliament, as the Minister of Labor claimed yesterday, that “no Greek is interested in the preliminary investigation for Tempi”.

The parliamentary representative of PASOK-Movement for Change and Member of Parliament of Ilia described “arrogant and establishment mentality” the behavior of the government official, while speaking of a “demonstration of inhumanity”. In fact, continuing the attack on the Minister of Labor, he said“that it is of interest to the relatives of the 57 dead in the Tempe tragedy if a commission of inquiry or pre-investigation will be set up and it is of interest to all those who daily put their own children in the place of the people who perished”.

Reactions from survivors and relatives of victims

THE Vangelis Bumpkina relative of a victim in the fatal accident, replied to Mr. Georgiadis about how many people are interested in Tempi, that “out of the 100 who were on the engines and in the first wagons, at least 57 are asking. But since they no longer have a voice, we lend them ours us”.

“Is @AdonisGeorgiadis asking Real to ‘experiment’, find out how many of the 100 are interested in Tempi? I’ll tell him. Of the 100 who were on the engines and in the first carriages, at least 57 ask. But since they no longer have a voice, we lend them ours. If he continues to wonder how many people are interested in Tempi, let him come out in the evening on @StarAlithies at 11:00 p.m., along with Voridis, Karamanlis and Mitsotakis, where we will all be families to explain it to them there.” wrote in detail.

“You’re saying people don’t care about your crimes, their capture, and your serial degradation of human life, justice, and intelligence?” she also wondered Happiness Chagliwho was inside the fatal train and managed to survive.

The controversial Georgiadis statement

On Wednesday (8/11) speaking to Real 97.8 and Nikos Hatzinikolaou, the Minister of Labor stated that,

“All his political opponents (including Kyriakos Mitsotakis) have decided, I don’t know for what reasons, instead of dealing with what really interests the Greeks, to deal with things that don’t concern anyone, except their microcosm.

That is, today in Greece how many of our 100 fellow citizens do you think, if we ask them, are interested in an Inquiry or a Preliminary Committee for Tempi? And how many are interested in accuracy, how many are interested in whether their child will find a job, how many are interested in immigration, how many are interested in security…”.

His full statement from 10:50:

It should be noted that after the first reactions, the minister, with his post on social media attacked publications referring to “obscenity and depravity” while a few hours later, speaking to a Thessaloniki radio station, he asked Sorry by the relatives of the victims.

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Here is the Minister’s partial apology:

The article is in Greek

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