The KEPs in Western Lesbos are being renovated

The KEPs in Western Lesbos are being renovated
The KEPs in Western Lesbos are being renovated

The Mayor of Western Lesvos Brigadier Verros signed on November 9, 2023 the announcement of the open procedure for the selection of a contractor for the project “Actions for the renovation works of the KEPs”, total budget of 216,928 euros.

The project concerns the KEPs of the regions of Antissa, Eresos, Polichnitos, Ag. Paraskevi, Mithymna and Petra where renovation works will be carried out on the buildings.

The date and time of the deadline for the submission of tenders is 29/11/2023, with the tenders being unsealed on 5 December.

Technical description of the project

According to the technical description of the study, the project foresees the repair of the KEP buildings of the Municipality of Western Lesbos.

Specifically, work will be carried out in the following buildings:

· KEP Antissa: replacement of roof (supporting structure, linings, etc.) with reuse of carefully removed tiles, repair of existing false ceiling, repair of internal and external coatings. Interior – exterior painting, painting of wooden surfaces (built-in cupboards and shelves), replacement of old frames with new ones of the same type (wooden).

· KEP Eresou: Interior coating repair and painting, suspended ceiling repair, replacement of old frames with new ones of the same type, design and color (wooden).

· KEP Polichnitou: Repair – addition of external and internal wall plastering and painting, repair – replacement of building gutters, replacement of old frames with new and partially newly designed wooden ones (issue of a small-scale permit).

· KEP Agia Paraskevi: (in the new area that will be moved to) interior plastering repair and painting, placement of plasterboard on the staircase to isolate the area from the rest of the building.

· KEP Mithymna: (in the new area that will be moved) interior coloring, installation of plasterboard with a provision for a door to isolate the KEP area.

· KEP Petras: repair of floor tiles.

In general, works will be carried out in all the KEPs of the Municipality of Western Lesvos, such as: restoration – completion of electrical networks of patients and strong currents, installation of fire detection systems, repairs – replacements of air conditioning systems, repairs WC where required.


The budgeted expenditure of the project amounts to a total of 216,928.23 euros including VAT (17%) and the relevant credit will be recorded in the Municipality’s budget. The project is financed through the Public Investment program from the European Union – NextGeneration EUin the context of the financing of the “Modernization of KEP” project included in the Recovery and Resilience Fund, which is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “Greece 2.0”.

According to the Technical Description of the project, no advance payment is foreseen and the payment will be made in installments and according to the progress of the works.

For the completion of the entire project, the total deadline is ten months from the day that will be set in the signed contract. This deadline does not include the warranty period of the project.

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