“Put in his place” the Turkish consul, the Presidency of the Republic.


After the end of the ceremony for the announcement of the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou an honorary doctorate from the Department of Political Science of the IFT was followed by a lunch at a hotel in Komotini.

There, based on protocol, the guests had to sit in specific positions, defined by the relevant directorate of the presidency, and which stipulated that the legal Supervisors of the Mufti should sit at the same table with the Turkish Consul, which seems to have disturbed the Turkish diplomat who did not accept the above provision provided by the Protocol and Etiquette in similar cases.

Thus, after the rejection of his request for a change of seat, it seems that he left the meal, since he refused to be at the same table, to agree, and to honor as a guest those who invited him to the planned event.

However, the meal continued and ended normally, sending the message of observing what is foreseen even in matters of minor importance and that corresponding attitudes and methods lead to isolation and marginalization of those who cause them.

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