High school students of Kozani presented their poetic creations at the 7th Literature Symposium


At the 7th Literature Symposium, organized by Intervention in the Koventario Municipal Library of Kozani, on Saturday November 4, high school students of Kozani presented their poetic creations. These are students of the student magazine ONIRA PSYCHON, which this year is published in collaboration with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th GEL of Kozani and the 6th High School of Kozani, as well as students of the 1st GEL of Kozani, who presented the section of texts “Deposition of thought…deposition of soul”.

The following students recited their personal poetic creations, while giving their opinions and experiences about poetry: Vaia Samara (1st GEL Kozani), Katerina Siatra (1st GEL Kozani), Marianna Alexiadou (1st GEL Kozani), Vassiliki Tsioptsia ( 1st GEL Kozani) , Nektarios Kalaitzis (1st GEL Kozani), Dimitra Doi (1st GEL Kozani), Konstantina Yakisikli (2nd GEL Kozani), Giorgos Adamidis (3rd GEL Kozani), Theodora Georpalidou (3rd GEL Kozani), Evi Gandia (3rd GEL Kozani), Odysseas Dougalis (3rd GEL Kozani), Maria Mavrioiorgou (4th GEL Kozani), Irini Patzakoglou (4th GEL Kozani) and Irini Tsiplakaki (4th GEL Kozani).

Below are excerpts of their poems recited by the teenagers of Kozani at the 7th Literary Symposium.

These are worth reading:

The road is eternal
An endless darkness
The moments of my life have no subtitle
Only one continuous movement
Black and white of course
(Evie Gandia)

I went to school today
I say I don’t want to, I dare
but my parents don’t care
“is normal”
(Irini Tsiplakaki)

A pentagram is given to you
a tune to write
you draw Sol’s key
and the race begins.
(Marianna Alexiadou)

So close your eyes, let the worries stop,
Right now, find your peace,
Because in the gentle rhyme of this poem,
You will find a moment out of time.
(Georgos Adamidis)

If life is like birds,
Let her travel
If love is an act,
It will be a hug.
(Vasiliki Cioptsia)

– Don’t even try, you won’t succeed.
That’s how I grew up, that’s what they told me
I believed that too.
Who was I to be able to oppose them?
(Vaya Samara)

A nightingale chirps every morning,
like a harmonious chant on the day of Holy Saturday
as the sun rises in the twilight of the soul,
who wants to shine but the gloom won’t let her
(Odysseus Dougalis)

Give my soul balm, it will bloom and have color
Your body will speak to you from deep sighs
It will make you forget about the sore mouth!!
The body burned, but the soul endures..
Give her joy, give her life, you’ll see she will fight!!!
(Nektarios Kalaitzis)

Today something vague started
It had no color
It had the view of a city
Nothing strange
It was the concept of depth
(Theodora Georpalidou)

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