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Heraklion: Revealing facts about businesses – How many opened and how many… closed

Heraklion: Revealing facts about businesses – How many opened and how many… closed
Heraklion: Revealing facts about businesses – How many opened and how many… closed

The economic landscape is changing at the local level, according to data from the Chamber of Heraklion in relation to the opening of new ones businesses.

As evidenced by the data gathered by the from January 1, 2033 until October 31, 1,849 new business registrations were made, while on the contrary, 537 were deleted. This means that the businesses that opened are 1,412 more than those that closed.

In the corresponding period of 2022, the Chamber of Heraklion saw 1,400 new registrations and 436 deletions of businesses.

Commercial sector

Of particular interest are the data from the commercial part of the Chamber, where according to them, 429 new businesses started operating this year, while 198 went out of business. In the corresponding period last year, there were 355 new registrations in the commercial sector and 157 deletions of businesses.


Equally important are the data from the manufacturing sector, since there were 384 new business registrations this year compared to 97 deletions. For 2022, 341 new registrations and 96 deletions were made in the corresponding part.


A large increase in new business registrations is observed in the service sector.

According to the data from the beginning of the year until October 31 this year there were 803 new registrations in the Chamber of Heraklion and 208 deletions when last year in the corresponding period in the same section there were 539 new entries and 166 deletions.

Significant increase in tourism businesses as well

The fact that this year tourism had a satisfactory performance at the local level, it can also be seen from the data of the chamber as it appears that this year in the first 10 months there were 229 new business registrations and only 33 deletions when last year for the same period the data shows that there were 163 new registrations and 16 deletions.

According to the president of the Chamber of Heraklion, Manolis Alifierakis, from the data one can conclude that there is mobility and activity in the area of ​​businesses “without this necessarily meaning that there is also great growth as it is not excluded that many of the new registrations concern businesses with a small turnover “.

It is worth noting that the above data apply to all types of businesses.

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