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The messages from WTM are optimistic, says the Central Municipality


The messages for the next tourist year are optimistic with an increase in advance bookings this year as well.

According to the announcement:

The delegation of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands participates in this year’s World Travel Market 2023 with weapons of extroversion, targeted meetings and orientation to new technologies and the digital age, following the modern trends of travelers.
The Mayor M. Hydraiou and the Deputy Mayor of Tourism Univ. Varouhas held consecutive meetings with several tourist agencies such as the Association of British Travel Agents ABTA, representatives of Jet2 holidays, Aegean Airlines, as well as with various individual and specialized agents in alternative types of tourism that mainly concern the time limits of tourist season.
As the Mayor stated, the first indications for the next tourist season are positive. “The presence and dynamism shown by Corfu at the great tourist exhibition in London is the product of a collective effort. The goal of participating in such exhibitions as this great tourist exhibition in London is to send the most positive message for Corfu as a tourist destination.”

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