Polakis’ nerves, Ombrella who does not want to go down without a fight and Menegaki who has electricity in SYRIZA


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Until it dissolves SYRIZA – because it’s only a matter of time before that happens – the only thing that is certain is that it will produce plenty of material for columns like this one here.. in short and to put it somewhat inelegantly “until we eat bread, we will eat bread”.

I imagine that the comrades of the new leadership will not have a problem if we talk to each other a little more “tsouvalata” since the ideological and political leader of Koumoundourou is used to talking out of his mouth. “Georgos is a theater actor” and other similar things Pavlos Polakis said – between two surgeries, as he informed us – to George Stathakis for the article announcing his resignation as “the Left does not fit in the party of Kasselakis, Pappa and Polakis”. The member of parliament of Chania recalled, in fact, the conflict the two had in the pre-election period regarding the composition of the SYRIZA ballot in Crete. Then, as we all remember, the opposition essentially drove him Polaki out of ballots with Alexis Tsipras ready to delete him and finally being saved by Nikos Filis and the Umbrellas.. hey, how is life!!!

However, I see nerves in him Polaki and I’m worried. And despite the fact that some of my doctor friends assure me that he is an excellent scientist, I would recommend him to be a little cooler, at least during the hours he is performing his duty. Nothing else, but the patient should not have the anxiety that his surgeon will do something careless because he is on his nerves with Stathakis.

Get some helmets for the weekend

The only thing that is certain is that on the weekend those who pass outside the President (where the Central Committee will be held) should wear a helmet. Otherwise, the risk of them eating any scraps is more than real. I understand that President Kassel would like to take a softer approach towards the Umbrella. Not because he wants them in but because he thinks it’s good to have a smooth divorce. But the “polakides” are pulling him by the sleeve and it is certain that politically the issue of deletions will come up. So that’s where the big conflict will take place. And since the Left isn’t used to bloodless splits, I predict that… blood will be spilled.

The Umbrellas will fight it out

And the Umbrellaites, however, do not want to go away without a fight and are willing to keep the conflict at a high level. Make it a “coogee” as an old ally of theirs used to say. After all, even at the last moment they seem to be fighting the battle of impressions. Otherwise, the move of the Northern Suburbs Prefectural Committee – controlled by them – to request the referral of the treasurer Elena Akrita to the Ethics Committee because she “voted for a Right-wing Mayor” cannot be explained.

However, I also learn that they have issues at Umbrella… I was watching Monday’s event, for example, and I am sure that none of the first-class members were excited about any interventions that called for an occupation of the offices in order for Kasselakis to leave, or about another lady that he put up for auction an issue of the Age to raise money. Most importantly, however, I see that there is a discomfort for her as well Anagnostopoulou Co who, I learn, was initially adamantly in favor of leaving the party immediately but now seems to have had second thoughts and wants the battle to be fought internally.

Menegaki has power in SYRIZA

Despite the fact that some recent surveys showed that 70% of the citizens declare themselves indifferent to what is happening in SYRIZA, I see that the issue “sells”. They even talk about Kasselakis on TV shows. For example, I saw the actor Haris Sozos, who also has a relationship with the SYRIZA object, on Arnautoglou’s 2night Show yesterday. Among the various things he said about the Left, he also insulted it: “And if Menegaki were put as a candidate for SYRIZA, she would come out,” Zozos said, implying that there was a great need for renewal. I have to say that I don’t know if she would come out, but for sure Nikos Karanikas, who is a declared fan of hers, would vote for her.

Androulakis is not thrilled with Duke’s handling of Exarchia

The new Mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas was one of the first to react to the cutting of trees in Exarchia. SYRIZA, through the MP of the party, Nasos Iliopoulos who was at the scene, expressed his opposition. PASOK, however, officially chose to let the matter pass while, until yesterday, in the conflict started by Mr. Doukas with Adonis Georgiadis, Harilaou Trikoupi did not take a position. And all this at the moment when, next Thursday, H. Doukas will pass the gate of Megaros Maximos. For the record, let’s note that a “secret” meeting with N. Androulakis (at the offices of Charilaou Trikoupis) has long preceded, with the two talking without the presence of third parties… The only thing that is certain is that Androulakis is not enthusiastic about the manipulations Duke on this particular subject.

Take it everyday – come to Maximos

Let’s close with the government in which they are feverishly busy with the preparation of the European ballots and the selection of the new Secretary of the ND. In the second place I learn that he “locked” a woman. As far as the ballots for the elections are concerned, the Prime Minister will first decide the electoral system and then the final choices will be made. The coming and going of the Maximos Palace by various people who are sniping and being sniped is, however, a daily occurrence.

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