“Syranos” at the Alkyonis Theater – Pepper 96.6 FM

“Syranos” at the Alkyonis Theater – Pepper 96.6 FM
“Syranos” at the Alkyonis Theater – Pepper 96.6 FM


George Nanouris directs the famous work of the French theater, with Michalis Sarantis in the title role and Lena Papaligoura in the role of Roxani

Cyrano. Edmond Rostan’s intense romantic drama is directed by George Nanouris in the viewtro Alcyonis with live music and songs, juggling between humor and emotion. The central hero of the work, the uncompromising knight and poet Cyrano de Bergerac (Michalis Sarantis), is in love with Roxani (Lena Papaligoura). But he thinks that she will never feel the same, since he feels ugly because of his big nose, which has been the object of his ridicule for years. Roxani is also besieged by the rich Comte De Guis (Nicholas Hanakoulas). But she is in love with handsome Christian (Jason Papamattheiou), which lacks both wit and eloquence. Cyrano agrees with Christian to become his shadow, voice and words to help him conquer her. Essentially, in this way he expresses his own feelings to his beloved.

“Tonight everything is beautiful and beautiful and enchanted. I tell you these things and you listen to me. You! Are you listening to me?!»


Author: Edmond Rostan
Translation – Adaptation: Stratis Paschalis
Directed by: Giorgos Nanouris
Music: Vaios Prapas
They star: Michalis Sarantis, Lena Papaligoura, Jason Papamatthaiu, Nikolas Hanakoulas, Konstantinos Giournas, Konstantinos Georgalis, Christos Poulos Renesis, George Fassoulas
Musician on stage: Athinodoros Karkafiris

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