Corfu: TEE seminar on earthquake inspections

Corfu: TEE seminar on earthquake inspections
Corfu: TEE seminar on earthquake inspections

A training seminar for the civil engineers of Corfu is organized by the Technical Chamber this afternoon at 6.30 at its offices in Alexandra Street. The subject of the seminar is the pre-earthquake control of the buildings, the update on the current legislation and the changes that have occurred recently as well as a new software.

The TEE of Corfu, according to its president Yiannis Metallinos, has already proceeded with initiatives related to the pre-seismic control of public buildings. Before the elections, he had agreed with Mayor Meropi Hydriau to sign a programming contract with the Municipality in order to set up teams to examine all the schools of the Municipality of Central Corfu. The initiative weakened during the election period but is expected to be revived after the meeting the TEE Administration had with the new Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos.

At the same time, the TEE of Corfu participates in the nationwide program of the government and the OASP for the pre-earthquake inspections of all public buildings. However, the programming contract of the OASP with the TEE nationwide for the creation of a platform on which the engineers will declare their availability, is in the primary stage, probably, it will be signed these days.

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