Mitsotakis – Doukas meeting next Thursday

Mitsotakis – Doukas meeting next Thursday
Mitsotakis – Doukas meeting next Thursday

The meeting of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the newly elected mayor of Athens Haris Doukas at the Maximos Palace has been set for next Thursday, November 16.

The meeting is taking place against the background of the firing of the government representative Pavlos Marinakis to Haris Doukas, after the intervention of the new mayor regarding the cutting of the trees of Exarchion Square by Attiko Metro crews.

Mr. Doukas had spoken of another achievement of the outgoing municipal authority and asked to stop the contracting company immediately and to start consultation even now, emphasizing at the same time that it is possible for an environmental and philanthropic project like the Metro to be the subject of a heated confrontation.

The government representative stated that the metro is a central policy of the government and reminded that the prime minister has said that there will be no retreat from the government’s announcements, especially regarding the metro station in Exarchion square.

He added that the new metro line and the specific station will serve a large number of residents and visitors.

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